Monday, December 27, 2010

Innocuous Post About our Merriness

Ackk! I am as behind in updating this blog as I was in hitting puberty.
TMI, I know. But what are blogs for?
Okay, here's the run down in reverse order:

We wish you a Merry Christmas.

We wish that when we went skiing for the first time with the girls it wasn't a blizzard. We made it two runs, the girls loved the lift and the hot chocolate and cookies afterward. After our second run, as the wind whipped snow into her face Kenzie said, wailing, "I hate this! I hate this. I want to go in." Hannah sang like Ariel the whole time while skiing in between my legs. She said, "I've never been skiing before! I like skiing!" 

We wish for a trampoline to practice back handsprings on. Kenzie and Hannah worked all summer to earn a trampoline by doing chores and being kind and listening. They earned over 300 marbles to get a trampoline. We were so proud of them and planned to wait and buy one in the Spring, but our friends, Bri and Cindy gave us one that was on the way to the DI. Hooray! 

We wish to deck the halls with way too many Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving!

We wish for a bottle holder and strong neck muscles. 

We wish for good times with cousins making apple marshmallow turkeys. Thanksgiving day we were going to run a 5k, but it was cancelled because of the TERRIBLE HORRIBLE NO GOOD storm (that wasn't). So Summer and I went to a step class (not on purpose, we meant to go to a spin class but the bikes were full), and Mike played football with his friends. Later that day we made turkeys with the kids and then headed over to my Aunt Susan's for a delicious dinner. Fab-u-lous.

We wish we owned a house in St. George so we could travel there all the time. At the beginning of Nov. we went back to St. George for a race that Shae and I wanted to do. It was a really fun 5K and a great trip. Afterward we went to Zion and it was gorgeous! I'm going to do a slideshow of it, but my blogging skills are not awesome right now, so I'll probably get that up in about February. 

We're pretty tough, huh?


Jamilla said...

I love your blog. (Shae gave me the address, hope you don't mind) I just thought I would let you know I will be blog stalking you from time to time and if it begins to bother you...well, then I guess I will stop.

Tobi said...

SCORE!! A free trampoline is an AWESOME trampoline.

Let's be blog slackers together. Forever. =)