Sunday, January 2, 2011

Year End Review

The best things about belonging to our particular sect of the C-Clan in the year 2010:

1. Eyebrows. Mike has a lucky silver eyebrowish (which is a word I just made up for a single eyebrow hair). I judge when I need a haircut by how bushy mine are getting. Kenzie has dirty blonde eyebrows that lower a little bit when she get determined to do something like a back handspring, and Hannah has brown eyebrows that are frequently raised to the ceiling while she folds her arms and yells, "I will neveh!" But the best part of belonging to our family is getting to see Ellie's eyebrows crinkle in a toothless smile. That baby has awesome eyebrows.

2. Feet. Ellie's kick spastically in excitement when she hears deep voices or anything crinkly. Hannah's have been clopping around in fancy princess shoes or running down the hall when she has grabbed something of Kenzie's. Kenzie's have been folded underneath her while she creates elaborate playworlds with her toys and they have learned to flip over her head. Mine carried a what I swear was a 13 pound baby, but really was only 7, have walked up and down the stairs about ten million times in a quest for clean clothes, and like to run. I even won a 5K in a town with a population of just over 700, where about 1% of the population are runners. It was an amazing accomplishment. Mike's feet have pedaled miles to work, pulled his body through the Spudman triathlon, and have been stepped on, jumped on and survived so far.

3. Voices. While I'm sure that the most common phrase around our house has been,"No! I will neveh!" or just plain, "No!" Here are some other winners, some that I have highlighted in the sidebar:
Me to Kenzie, "I know you had a big booger. Where did you put it? In a tissue and into the garbage I hope."
"No Mom, I put it under my pillow."
"What?!! That's so gross. Why would you do that? I'm going to go barf."
Hannah, "The booger fairy will come and get it. That's what Kandelyn (a cousin) told us."
Me, making faces and trying not to think too much about it,"There is NO booger fairy. That is the grossest thing I have ever heard. Go get a tissue and clean it up."
Hannah and Kenzie, "But mom. It's gone! The booger fairy did come."

Mike, "Steph, I'm so excited! Rob and I are getting a cubicle together."  Or, "Don't you wish you were Mauly's size so you could fight her?"  (yes dear, everyday I wish that.)

Me, angrily, since we're late for church: "If you're not dressed by the time I come out of the bathroom, there will be no breakfast."  Mike, "And you can't go to college."

Mike, angrily, because he's asked six times for the frontroom to be cleared of toys, "If you don't have these toys picked up by the time the timer goes off I'm throwing them all away."  Me, "And you can't go to college."

Me, angrily, because one of the girls refuses to get their hair done, "If you don't let me comb your hair I'm cutting it all off, right now. And it will be ugly."  Mike, "And you can't go to college."

Mike angrily, because the girls won't stop crying and get ready to go to Christmas at the grandparents. "If you don't stop crying and get into the car, you're not going to Grandmas. And all your toys are going in the garbage. Me, "And you can't go to college."

It's the ultimate threat. It works every time.

That's all I can think of and I want to go and take a Sunday nap. (Blessed 9 a.m. church).  So leave me a comment or I will neveh write again. And you can't go to college.


Mike said...

Yes, blessed 9am church. Napping is a very pleasant way to pass the hunger hours (fast Sunday).
BTW, outrageous threats, such as grounding from college, tacked on to our futile attempts to discipline, make us laugh and diffuse the situation, even though the girls think we are dorks. Somehow, these futile attempts always end up comical. I mean, you can only threaten a butt-whoopin' so many times before it too becomes funny.

Em Russ said...

Love the college threat!! I just might have to borrow that one!!

Michelle said...

BAHAHAHAHA! Nate and I (and Grandpa who just happens to be around) are laughing our heads off. You = awesome. P.S. I am not technologically savvy enough to find your email address from your blog, or anywhere else for that matter, so will you email me and I'll email those snowshoeing pictures to you?

Anonymous said...

The Boogy Fairy story is TMI on an empty tummy. But, that happens when you are a mom. Thanks for a great (and funny) blog.
By the by, I nevah want to go to college. :0)

Kim said...

You are so funny! I love your blog. :) Your kids sound just as charming as mine - exasperating and hilarious all in the same moment (sometimes). haha I love the Booger fairy...but I will neveh tell my kids that story. Maybe when they're 40.

Kristyn said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You, my friend, are HILARIOUS! Your blog updates are the highlight of my day....right up there next to Regarding Annie. :) Keep em coming.......or you can't go to college. JK