Thursday, January 6, 2011

A scrapblog from November

I think I swore off using this thing, but then they won my love with a free book.
So here's one about our trip to the Butch Cassidy 5K and Zion trip from November.
I'm right on top of things, I know. Just ask the ladies I drive carpool with. If I were them I would revoke my membership. Acutally I like to think I would give myself just one more chance. Please.

Link to full screen


Anonymous said...

What pretty pictures. But, I had to look really quick because they went past way to fast. I guess that made it a fast vacation.
I love any blog I can get that shows me what is happening in your life and pictures of the girls.
Love you. G-ma

Tobi said...

Those are some knock my socks off beautiful pictures Steph. Did you take them? If so, what kind of camera do you have?