Sunday, March 6, 2011

6 years old

Dear Kenz-
I never thought you'd grow up. Not that six is all grown-up, but your life is starting to flash before my eyes. I even catch myself saying, "Stop all this growing!" Six is a good age for you--you are learning so many things and you are anxious to grow up, but you still want me to cook your chicken nuggets and sometimes choose your clothes. 
 The word that comes to my mind when I think of you is sweet. You are such a sweet girl. You think of others almost always. You are a peacemaker. I love it when you and Hannah play together--often you will give up something you want to help her be happy. You work hard to make sure people get along, including your cousins and your friends. I agree with your teacher at school, Ms. Clark. She said that you are one of the kids who "bring the light." 
I love it when you laugh--it's the sweetest bubbling giggle. You are starting to understand some of the humor in those cursed Disney movies that you love so much. Also, you love stories of love--already! You love it when the prince marries the princess and this year you have planned to marry three different boys already. 
In fact we had our first "no dating until you're 16" conversation regarding your birthday party.  Aunt Summer heard you tell Gracie, "I'm going to have a ball. You have to invite a special friend. It has to be a boy. And you're going to dance with him all night."  Ummm. . . no. That will come soon enough sweetie. And your dad is hoping to discourage that by convincing you that boys are yucky. (Good luck, Mike. I saw her swooning over the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie preview where the boys meet the girls.) 
For your birthday we had a party at the church and hung up a sheet to watch Toy Story 3. For the past year you wanted a "Ball." But when we started to plan it you changed your mind and wanted a movie party. You really like Jesse and you loved all your toys from your friends. Mom and Dad were boring and gave you some snowshoes and Junie B. Jones books. You love those books and you would sit for hours listening to us read them to you, if we would. When Junie B. does something silly you say, "Jun-ie. B-uh. Jo-nes!" all scandalized.   
We love watching you in tumbling. Just yesterday I watched you do back handsprings and roundoffs and kickovers. You've come so far since you started taking lessons again. I can't tell if you really like tumbling, or if you just want to do it because Gracie does it and does it well and because your friend Rusti is good at it too. You are competitive, but I don't mean competitive in a mean spirit. Let me try to explain: With your back handspring you will do it over and over and over and you said to Gracie, "Let's practice so we can be the best in the class."  You are determined and amazing and we love you.  


Anonymous said...

What sweet girls you have. You and Mike are such great parents. Thank you for giving me such cute great granddaughters (that look just like me). Love you, GMB

Anonymous said...

Oh I heart your daughter! I love that she wanted to have a ball for her birthday party. SO FUN!