Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Haircuts, St. George, and a baby named Ellie

I decided to get haircut appointments for the girl after Hannah's fiasco with the scissors. After imagining taking a screaming and kicking Hannah to the hairdresser and trying to hold her down, I decided to phrase it as no big deal, and a fun time. I set up an appointment with my friend Nicky for Hannah and for Kenzie, just for a trim, and told them I'd take them to the library after.  On the way there Hannah got a little worried, because before she cut her own hair, she had planned to grow it as gloriously long as Rapunzel's.
"Will it have to be short as Daddy's?" she asked.
"Yes," I laughed evilly. Not really. I just imagined doing that.
"No, but shorter than it is, because you cut it. It will help it grow out nicely," is what I really said.
"No mommy! I don't want it short," she started to whine.
"Oh, it will be cute. Remember last time you guys got your hair cut short and all the compliments you got? How everyone said it was so cute? It will be fine."
When we got there Kenzie decided that she wanted her hair up to her ear. That was a surprise. Last time I talked to her she was just going to get a trim. I think she liked the idea of compliments. That girl loves to be noticed.
Hannah and I sat across from Kenzie and watched as she got her hair cut. Hannah was quiet and whispered all sorts of questions about the salon. Why was there a black pad on the floor? Why did they have a sink? Why do they wash hair before they cut it? Nicky helped me answer her questions.

Kenzie did really good and loved her new haircut.

Then it was Hannah's turn. She was very quiet while Nicky washed her hair and followed instructions to bend her head and turn it. Afterward they both got a sucker and we went to the library to read a few books.

It was a good experience. Nicky did a great job and they both look so cute.  I pointed out to Hannah that you have to have a license to cut hair, showing her Nicky's license. I hope she avoids the scissors from now on, because next time I'm buzzing it. :)

Well, that was long. Now for an abbreviated account of a short vacation to St. George:

Mike's grandparents own a house down in St. George. So we took a quick trip down to visit them and to pick up Shirley (Mike's mom), who had been staying down there.  While we were there we went to Pioneer Park and climbed around on the rocks. Pioneer Park is home of the St. George Narrows (Kenzie calls it The Crack. I've heard it called The Skinnies too). 

The girls loved climbing around and got along really nicely (after I gave them the choice of getting along or sitting in the car.)
Ohh, sweet sisters. They hiked a good long way. They were so distracted by climbing the rocks, they didn't notice that we were hiking! Hannah is wearing her favorite skirt in the whole world. I'm not sure what I'm going to do when she outgrows it (which she has).

Kenzie took this picture of Mike, Ellie and me. 

Kenzie kept asking us when we were going to go to "The Crack".  We took her there on our last trip to St. George and she's been excited about it ever since. We kept telling her we'd take her there another day. We didn't realize that we were at The Crack until we almost fell in it. Kenzie was so excited to climb up in it. Mike waited at the top, while I followed behind her. (Side note: It was easier for me this time! I've lost a little baby weight, hooray!)

As we neared the end Kenzie, a few feet in front of me, said, "There's a snake up there." 

"Oh really?" I said, unable to see anything beyond her little blonde head, and starting to imagine a rattlesnake striking. "Come back toward me." I refrained from freaking out too much. I think my voice only went up one octave. I wedged myself up a little bit more and saw a small snake up under the ledge at the end of the crack. I have no idea what kind it was. I tried to take a picture of it, but the crack is so tight I couldn't get a good angle on it. We could avoid it if Mike helped us out, so it was all good. And now Kenzie tells the story with gusto.

Doesn't Mike look attractive in that cute polka dot pink hat?  

It was a short trip--we drove down Thursday and came home Saturday, but we had some fun and it was good to see Gma Donna and Gpa Dickey. 

We decided that next time we go on a trip, we need some process improvement to help us get out the door. That's another post, for another time though. 

And finally, Ellie had her nine month appointment. She's fit as a fiddle and cute as a button. (I love how it's okay to overuse cliches with babies.) She is 28" long and 18 pds. Which put her at 60% on the height charts and 25% on the weight charts.  She's starting to crawl, in an inchworm like fashion, and makes the cutest little turkey noises. "Gobble gobble."  Having a baby in the house is nothing but joy (and a few diapers, and some screaming, and messes. But mostly joy).


Marcie said...

Darling haircuts. Actually your lucky, most little girls make the cut right at the scalp. Hopefully it's the last time she does it.:)I think it's great the your girls love to hike with you, my boys would probably complain the whole time.

charbetrichey said...

Oh, that Hannah. What other girl would go hiking in a skirt? LOL
The hair cuts are cute but why wouldn't they be on such cute girls!
Fun times for the Chambers.
Love you guys.

Anonymous said...

I love the hair cuts and I love all the adventures you take your families on. I laughed when wrote, "But mostly joy".

Anonymous said...

I love the sexy pose mike has in his picture, very classic. =D Always fun to read what you guys are up to.