Sunday, March 6, 2011

Self-inflicted haircut

One day we were looking up hairstyles and trying them out, taking pictures so she could see.

The next day, I came home from working out at the gym, and this is what I found. Oh Hannah.
Lately, Mike and I have been joking that shortcomings in ourselves and things and people around us are actually "features."
So Hannah's new haircut is a feature of her stunning, headstrong personality. And it's really not too bad. You can't really tell. She managed to get the chunk of hair above her ear that when her hair is down is easily hidden by top layers.  I'm not quite sure how to handle this little episode. Banning scissors for the rest of her life? Check. Threats to cut her hair like Daddy's? Check. Threats aren't really an effective parenting technique though.
She fell asleep crying after she did it, and that was minus any yelling. I thought about buzzing it. That would certainly teach her. But teach her what? The reality is that I don't know what to do. When do the children that obey and are easy to parent start appearing? 

Oh look, here's one:

And even she is starting to develop free will, darn it. 


Sherry said...

Hey, this is Sherry - do what I did. Sit down with her and show her your driver's license. Tell her it is a hair cutting license and she can't get one until she is old like you. That worked - after Chloe had cut Brooke's hair.

Sherrie said...

Sophia (age 3) wanted long princess hair but cut a terrible chunk off when it was bugging her. The consequence... a super darling short bob that I loved and she HATED!

Then she (age 4 now) cut Jennie's bangs and she thought she had done a great job, so the disappointment on my face was punishment enough.

Then Jennie (age 3)cut her own hair resulting in the same bob I LOVED on Sophia and Jennie hates it just like her sister.

Maybe they'll learn, maybe I'll remember to hide the scissors again, maybe it'll happen once a year just like when I run out of gas.

Hair grows back.

Anonymous said...

When we were in Sweden we bumped into this lady had her head buzzed, and it actually didn't look too bad on her. Buzzing her head may go the other way too, she may like it or worse, she may look good with a buzzed head. =D

Not being a parent, I can easily see all the flaws in everything you are doing and know what it is you need to do correctly. But I wouldn't want to spoil your fun, so I will not be sharing them with you (ha!).

Anonymous said...

My daughter had a classmate cut her hair at school. But I still punished her for it since it was her idea to play beauty salon at school.

My son burned a good portion of his hair when he was playing with a lit candle. I did give him a buzz cut which he hated. Mainly because he hates the clippers. But he's never touched a candle since.

Amber said...

Shockingly, my headstrong daughter has never cut her own hair. I think it has to do more with vanity than anything. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, that Hannah. What to do with the child. Maybe she will grow up to be a famous hair stylist. If she doesn't, it will be your fault for not letting her cut hair. :0)
Just a thought.
Hugs, GMB