Sunday, November 11, 2007

I am two. . .

This week I noticed that while I was in the company of adults (which doesn't happen often outside of adults related to me), I have taken on the communicating abilities of a two-year-old. These characteristics include constantly interrupting, asking for candy every 5 seconds, and repeating myself in a whiny voice. I must be fun to be around. I feel like I am the interrupting cow in that dumb knock-knock joke.
I keep thinking I should join some class about a deep and meaningful subject, where I might be able to discuss lofty and meaningful things in order to keep my mind working above the level of a two-year-old, but really what could be more enlightening and meaningful than a thorough discussion on why we go potty in the toilet (not on the grass except when there's an emergency) or why we don't have any chicken nuggets. You have to be pretty quick on your feet to get down to the last "Why?"
Besides answering "why" questions, this week has been pretty uneventful. Mike went and picked up our new swing set this Saturday (with the help of Josh, John, and Reid) and I am so excited for it! Mike said that there was only one incident where they almost ripped out the side wall of John's garage. I guess it was pretty heavy. We are going to try and keep it hidden in the backyard until Christmas. This will involve not opening the blinds for the next six weeks and making up lies if Kenzie notices it. Hmmmm. . .

This Saturday I got to cover the Weber State XC regional meet. It was so fun to talk to the athletes. I felt almost nostalgic. Nostalgic and inspired enough to consider signing up for the Ogden Half Marathon in May. I even looked at the website and tried to convince Mike to be my running partner. (C'mon, it's just a half marathon.) Then today I got all excited about the Xterra winter world championships until I looked up the events-- they include "randonnee skiing." This might as well be "break-you-knee skiing" as much as I know about it. I haven't even normal skied for three years. I really think I want to do the Ogden Half. My last half marathon was a torturous event which took me days to recover from. I'm so excited to sign up for another one! I will have to make friends with my double jogger though, or wake up really really early.

In other news I am not pregnant. Apparently, I am the only one in my group of HSFTISS (High School Friends that I Still See). Congratulations to Jana, Katie, Carrie, and Stephanie. Are you pregnant Kathryn? :) I almost feel like having another baby, but my memories are still too potent. We had dinner at Stephanie and Robert's. It was fun to see everyone again and somewhat crazy with kids running around. I never imagined us as moms and wives (or even as adults).


Summer said...

We did try jogging really, really early......REMEMBER????? It lasted 2 days.

Nearly Flowers said...

This is some funny stuff. Does you uncle still do the Explore Magazine?

Kathryn said...

You are not the only one that talks like a two year old! I am also very good at interupting... mooo! I think it is because I am so excited to actually be talking to adults, I have sooo much to say. Then after I say it I realize how little I really have to say. It can be embarrasing.
Do you remeber our skiing class? I am laughing now just thinking about it!!! Remember when everyone was watching us and we tried to get off the lift for the first class. Man, I'm crying I'm laughing so hard! Good times!
Oh, and no I am not pregnant!

Chambers Family said...

I always laugh whenever I go skiing and think about getting off the lift. Those were some funny times.
I can't remember the name of the magazine, I think it is called Ogden (maybe Explore Ogden?) and yeah, he's still doing it.
Summer- Let's try again. No. seriously.