Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'm thankful for. . .

The stillness in my house after hosting a morning of Joyschool.
The noise in my house while hosting a morning of Joyschool.
Hannah's scrunchie smiles
Kenzie's contagious giggles
Mike's laughter and how he makes me laugh
Jared's craziness and sweetness
Alisha's silliness and sister-ness :)
Shaelynn's jokes and playfulness
My mom's kindness, selflessness and grandma-ness
My dad's sense of humor
My Grandma Bette's toughness and laughter
Shirley's kindness (always)
Reid's hard work (he taught that to Mike) and desire to feed everyone (he also taught that to Mike)
Summer and Sherrie's listening and sympathizing and advice
Dave and Josh for being good men who are always willing to help out
Laurie's never-ending patience and love (babysitting a lot too)
Stacie's absolute sweetness and ability to make everyone feel good
Scott's love of his nieces and nephews (and when he reads good books and talks to me about them)
I am so blessed! My list could go on forever, but naptime (another thing I am thankful for) is coming to an end, so I'll have to end too. Happy Thanksgiving!


John Holly Levi & Faith said...

ahhh, this is sooo sweet. I'm definitely copying your idea and doing a "thankful" for entry for thanksgiving.

Em Russ said...

What a sweet list! I laughed out loud when you said that Reid always tries to feed everyone. It's true! Reading your list made me remember all the fun times I had with the Chambers family and how sweet they always were to me. It also reminded me how much I LOVE Summer (aka "summie-g")What a lucky girl you are to have married into such a fun family. I'm sure they're just as glad to have you too!

Pebley Fam said...

Wow Steph! You are so good at keeping your blog up. You are amazing. It is fun to see what you are up to.

Emily and Kyle said...

I agree with Emily (cousin). We always had fun at Mike's house, and there was always food to eat. I don't think I ever got out of there without eating something.

You're girls are adorable - maybe we should think about a marriage arrangement...