Saturday, November 17, 2007

Trotting for Turkeys (and with them)

Mike got the special privilege of pushing the jogging stroller today. We ran the Syracuse Turkey Trot 5K, which is free! (Shout-out for Free 5Ks) I thought it might slow him down, so that maybe I could keep up with him. Nope, he still runs faster than me. I kept up for the first mile, but the second mile he was off like a superhero with a blue sidekick stroller.

He kept yelling encouraging things over his shoulder, but they sounded like "Mmmmph, mmmph!" as far ahead of me as he was. I think he might have got a thumb cramp (see earlier double jogger post), or he felt sorry for me because he slowed down considerably the last mile and I was able to catch up. I passed him at the end, using my patented sprint-ahead-of-the-guy-with-a-stroller move (ask Josh, my brother-in-law about that one), but really he was just being nice. Thanks Mike! My self-esteem is saved. :)

This is our third year at this race and we love it because 1. Price (it's free) 2. Great prizes 3. Good cause (you bring food for the Utah Food Bank instead of money) and 4.Free water bottles. I love water bottles, especially free ones that don't leak. This year we managed to get four water bottles! One free one each for Mike and I, one as a prize for third place and one as a prize in a drawing. If you want to play poker with us we will bet water bottles. :) Not really, since we don't play poker or bet. Our game of choice is Scrabble.

After our fun 5K we got the girls' pictures taken at Target. They are so cute! I can't wait to get them so I can post them.
We also got to play at the Hooper park today. It was Hannah's first experience with playground swings and she loved it! Kenzie has always loved to swing too, and she was laughing so hard she couldn't breathe. Mike pushes her really high and then pretends like she is kicking him. She thinks it is the funniest thing ever. Hooper park is a great park with lots of big, old trees and metal playground equipment. It is serious heavy-duty stuff. The leaves from the trees were all over the ground and as much fun to play in as the swings. Don't you love parks with big trees?


Mike said...

I did not let her beat me. She forgot to mention (no, I guess she did mention in one of her previous posts about how running with the stroller is) that the whole time Kenzie was like "Dad, I want to go home. Are we there yet. I'm cold. Will you take my gloves off. Will you put my gloves back on..." I reckon I did more talking in that race than I did breathing. I was dead and she beat me fair and square. That is #2 5K that she has beat me in. And no I never want to do a half marathon.

ROBYN & KEVIN said...

Dido & Steph... you two are too cute! I am glad that you are fellow bloggers and congrats on the 5k... I am working towards one (don't know when) but one day I would love to run with ya.... not anytime soon, but one day.

John Holly Levi & Faith said...

I'm really jealous that you jog with your kids and I don't. Does that make me lame? I use my indoor eliptical and call it good, but it feels OH SO GOOD to be outside. Ahhhhh. I keep telling John I need one of those Bob strollers. I don't have one yet so you can tell how much he thinks I NEED one. OH well.

John Holly Levi & Faith said...

p.s. Way to go!!

Czechers said...

I like how mike comments! It's fun to get both sides of the story :) You guys are awesome running together as a fam! They have a really cool half marathon in Prague that you guys should run with us(except that you are running on cobblestones, can you imagine?) I can't cause I haven't done it . . . yet. - Val