Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Sigh (of relief and sadness). Christmas is over. I managed to finish my annual Christmas project. Guidelines for this project include: 1. Waiting until 2 weeks before Christmas 2. Using a sewing machine that only sees use once a year 3. Attempting things that I have no experience with. 4.Thinking it will only take a few hours to complete.
This year I chose to do quiet books for my niece and nephew.
It always starts with an innocent desire to create something fabulous and to save a little money. By the time the dust settles I have usually spent way more money than I intended plus acquired a lot of supplies like fabric, eyelets, special tools and ribbons that I will probably never use again.
My sewing machine (on loan from my mom), was actually pretty friendly this year. Dare I say that I enjoyed sewing this year? I only ended up with one unpicking scissor stab wound, and it didn't bleed all over either.
The books turned out well! I found my patterns (on sale) at
They are so cute! I will make one for Mckenzie for her birthday. I'm going to have a party, because the lady who makes the patterns lives in West Jordan and that way I won't have to drive down there to get them or mail in an order form.
Christmas was so fun! The swingset was a hit (despite the foot of snow sitting on top of it), and Mckenzie pretended that she hadn't seen it back there yet. Hannah loved her wrapping paper and some of the other things she got. Mike was pleased with his new clothes and Xbox. Mike always buys me exactly what I want! Keyless entry to the car, which might take a few days (literally) to install, running clothes, which might get some use, and a new band for my wedding ring! How sweet. I have to say that he definitely out-presented me this year.
My brother Jared is visiting from Nebraska and it was really fun to have him there on Christmas morning. It was also nice to have someone else taking pictures. I definitely recommend hiring a photographer to be there Christmas morning. :)
I think Mckenzie's favorite thing was a shirt from Uncle Jared-- "Mom, I am so happy I got a new shirt!" She also really loved Hannah's toys. Go figure. It was a good day and we were more than spoiled! We love our family and were glad that we got to see most of them! (see slideshow coming soon)

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ROBYN & KEVIN said...

Such a cute little family.... and princess Kenzie with her bracelet and necklace are fabulous! Can't wait to see you all soon!!!! (and get to know the little ones better and have them know who "Bobby" is and Kenzie can play with Kodi some more.)