Monday, December 17, 2007


I am not smart enough to figure out how to get a cute background with a cute header on this blog. I never was good at crafting cute tangible things and now it spills over into the electronic world. Sigh. I am doomed to be non-cute.
In my effort to be cute I deleted my quotes and my slideshow and my friends list and my counter. Farewell to them. I will repost them soon, but I feel so demoralized. I always feel like that when I delete something.
It could be worse. We are all at least feeling a little bit less snotty. Mike's superior immune system has triumphed once again (you'll have to ask him about his superiority in matters of disease), and he defied my prediction of becoming ill. Mckenzie is feeling better-- well enough to tell me that it is fruit that hurts her tummy and she needs to eat more candy canes and cookies to help her feel better, and Hannah is doing much better too. I debated taking her to the doctor, but it always seems so futile. Whenever I take one of the girls to the doctor it seems as if they are just on the verge of getting sick (read: not sick enough for the doctor to do anything yet) or almost better. I can't seem to hit the window of sickness. So there goes a co-pay (and at least 2 hours of my time).
Anyway, Hannah seems to be just fine now, despite the fact that she is trying to get a first tooth. I think teething is a design flaw in babies. If I make it to Heaven, this will be on my list of discussions to have with God. (Not to mention the special women-only design flaws and mosquito bites)
Onward and upward. Christmas is coming! Mike is at the store right now buying Worcestshire Sauce (I can't spell things I can't pronounce) so we can make Chex mix for our neighbor presents. I had a grand vision of making fudge and caramel for them too, but now I will probably end up just making it for myself and eating it all by myself in one day because I am lazy and hungry. This is a bad combination.
Here is my debate about chex mix and the labels we put on our little gifts. As funny as it is I have thought about this awhile. Can I say, "Merry Chex-mas" or will I be sending the wrong impression? You know, the whole "taking the Christ out of Christmas" debate. These are the sorts of thoughts that occupy my mind.

I think I will just not put any sort of tag. I will just hand it to them and say, "Merry Christmas," this will simplify my life in many ways. (This reminds me of a Jack Handy deep thought, "Instead of a bicycle built for two, what about no kinds of bicycles at all for anybody anymore? There, are you happy now?")


John Holly Levi & Faith said...

Here's a quote for you:
Remember Santa "Chex" his list twice to see who's been naughty or be good for goodness sake!! Merry Christmas!!

As for your bloggy background, Holly will help you. I have instructions I can e-mail.

Oh, and for the header, I can't help you there. If you have photoshop, you can do it. I did mine with some crappy scrapbook software and it took me like 5 days. Otherwise I'd just do it for you.

Em Russ said...

Steph, you're hilarious! From the first time I met you, I've always thought that you were perfect for Mike. Now I'm postitive I was right. I too am lazy and hungry and this post made me laugh so much I just read the whole thing out loud to Johnny. I love it!!

p.s. glad you're all feeling better!

Czechers said...

You know, I have been craving fudge lately, and I think I could eat a whole pan by myself. I tried to make some. I even special ordered (from my Embassy friend who can shop at the military base) all the stuff I couldn't get here, but it's more like syrup for ice cream. Sigh . . . Icecream. I love your blog!! Who needs cute?