Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tis the season to be sick

Poor little family. Everyone is sick to one degree or another. My prediction is that Mike will get the worst of it due to his two all-nighters this week, but Hannah is pretty croupy right now. Croup scares me very much with little Hannah. Kenzie and I have a touch of it, but we can clear our throats or cough violently and disgustingly. Hannah just cries when she coughs, and they're these sad, pitiful non-productive coughs. My parents bought a humidifier for her room and last night I ran the hot water until the bathroom was a steam room. It didn't seem to help much. During the day she is still happy though. Such a happy child.

Mike is taking a nap along with the girls right now. I don't think an earthquake could wake him. We are sooooooo happy finals are over. Mike really did spend the night at the school last night. It was awful, and to keep from angry outburts that's all I'm going to say about it.

We celebrated him being done with a sleepy lunch of our favorite sandwiches, subs with Laughing Cow cheese spread. If you haven't had Laughing Cow cheese on a sandwich, you should try it. Mmmmm. Mike will go back to work on Monday, and I will continue to work 24/7 because being a mom never ends. I should stop writing before I go into some feminist rant about the discrepancies in our culture. Okay. I'm done.

I'll end with these cute pictures of Hannah helping me do the laundry (yeah, my bed is not made) and learning to be a dentist, and of Kenzie playing with her best friend and cousin, Kandelyn.


John Holly Levi & Faith said...

Your kids? They're the cutest ever!
And where do I get some mad cow cheese. Er, I mean "laughing" cow cheese.

Czechers said...

Laughing cow cheese is so cheap here. It's like a dollar for a whole circle!!! Yeah for laughing cow! Isn't it awful when you never see your hubby? I'm sorry. Dan's working some long days too :(

Carly said...

Sick kids are not fun! We are battling the same thing, croup. First it was Bethany and now Hannah and Rylan have it. Not fun stuff!! Good luck. Kyle is still trying to get his resume together, thanks for the info on the jobs!!