Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Challenge

I LOVE CHOCOLATE. This is not just a little crush. This is a full-fledged lifetime affair. But lately, chocolate and I have been seeing a little too much of each other. Now, now Chocolate, don't cry. I'm not swearing you off forever, I just need to take it back a step. (Let's just say that I don't think eating 6 large pumpkin chocolate chip cookies in a two hour span is indicative of self control and health.)
So, here it is, a new challenge. Since I have no self control, this challenge has to be kind of strict. I also have to involve other people, because the problem is self control, so if I am accountable to others maybe I can develop some self control (this kind of circular logic always works for me).
SO join me!
Here's how we'll do it, if you want to join.
1. Each day you don't eat a dessert you earn a point. (So if you want to go all healthy crazy, then you can vow off all desserts and then you'll earn more points than me because I'm giving myself one day to go crazy.) I'm not going to argue about what is a dessert and what isn't. That was a total downfall of my last challenge with Mike. If you don't think rice pudding is a dessert, then fine, eat it.
2. Each day you exercise you earn a point. 30 minutes of exercise. Doing whatever causes you to sweat. I know, I know running is harder than biking and so forth and so on, but I have to keep this simple.

This starts Monday, Nov. 10. Every Monday I'll post a point collection post, and you can post your points in the comments.
If you want to join, then leave me a comment with your "Chocolate Challenge" supersecret (it won't really be supersecret, just kind of secret) identity. I'll keep a point tally on my sidebar. (Thanks Kim for the idea) This challenge will end on Monday, Jan 5, 2009.
OH yeah, one more rule:

3. No whining. Last time I tried this I whined to Mike so much that he finally gave in and the bet just kind of fell apart. I ruined it and it made me sad. So no whining. Sorry, no points will be awarded for this, just peace and happiness.


Kristina P. said...

No whining? I'm out. And now I need a piece of chocolate. Thanks. ;)

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

I LOVE chocolate! It's gives me more of a bounce :)

*MARY* said...

How crazy, I just made a batch of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, and I know I'm going to eat them all because my husband hates them.
If I play along, I'll end up getting negative points somehow.

Natalie said...

Count me in! Seeing that 1)I have eaten almost 3 bags of Halloween candy in the last 2 weeks and 2)I haven't excercised in for-ev-er, and 3) I love a good competition and 4) I'm still trying to rid myself of Ryker fat....this will be good for me. Really.
Supersecret Identity: Lazy Bones
Is there any type of reward in this besides personal satisfaction? Like a girls night out to the cheesecake factory when we're all done? Just an idea.

Stephanie and Co. said...

What a fabulous idea, Nat. Let's totally do it. So everyone who participates gets to come to our party at the Cheesecake factory. Or we could have a chocolate tasting party. Mmmmmm.

kristi lou said...

I'm going to have to think on this one. I take swearing off dessert pretty seriously. :)

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Thank You so very much for all your comments. You must not be getting my e-mails? Please e-mail me so we can get caught up :) My e-mail address is:

Amber said...

I am an out of sight, out of mind person. Meaning, I cannot have things around the house that I love, otherwise I'll eat them. Chocolate is not a temptation but licorice and cookies are. Or rather, are not at our house. :-)

Kim said...

This is a tough one during the holidays, but maybe it will help me moderate my intake!
If we end a few days earlier I could come to the party...we'll be in UT until Jan. 6th...but if not, I'll have a party on my own! :)

Supersecret identity: RUN.CHOCOLATE.REPEAT.

Although I suppose that method won't work so well for this challenge. :)
I'm totally binging on chocolate this weekend. hahaha
PS: Thanks for doing this - I was feeling the urge for another challenge!

Kim said...

Okay maybe my identity is too long.

How about this one:

(this is how Anya used to say chocolate)

Pavel said...

I hope this contest is not limited to female chocolate lovers only. I'm not so much of a chocolate eater (neither am I a female), but rather I am a one-heck-of-a-cookie monster (no pumpkin cookies though, sorry). I also stopped exercising after I hurt my back in the car accident and now need to get back on track. So count me in.
My not-so-secret identity (for the reasons stated above) is: Cookie Monster.

Stephanie and Co. said...

Happy to have you all! Pavel, Mike is doing the challenge as well. Of course men are allowed.

Just one of the Boys said...

I might try it, sence it start's Monday I can use the weekend to stalk up.

The King Family said...

I'm in!! Secret identity: "Hello Nurse."
P.S. The video is AWESOME!!

Matt & Cris P. said...

Steph-I am totally in. I have got a baby I need to work off and I have had no motivation. I do have to eat my chocolate chip cookies I made for family night tonight, but then I am in. My super secret identity will be "Weak one".

Loralee said...

I'd like to try this, too. I need the motivation! My 'secret' identity is "Favorite Sis"
Loved the video, too, and I love reading about (other people's) home repairs.