Thursday, January 8, 2009

Conversations with Kenzie

"Mommy, why don't you live with your mom anymore?"
"Well, I grew up and got married to Daddy, and now I live with you guys and Daddy."
"Well, when you grow up it's time to move out and go to college (shameless plug) and then you can find someone to marry, and then you live with them. Why? Do you want me to go live with my mom?"
I hear sniffling in the backseat so I flip my rearview mirror down to see Kenzie's face all screwed up in sadness.
"Yes? What's wrong?" I say all concerned.
"I will,*sob* I will miss you when I'm married."
"Ohh! Don't cry." (I'm stiffling laughter, but flattered as all get out.) "You can still come and visit me. We go and visit my mom, Grandma Vickie, all the time, don't we? Do you think she misses me? Or do we visit a lot?"
"Okay." She processes this for a minute as we drive. "I will like my prince though. And we will dance and get married, and I will bring him to visit and I will say, "'This is my mom.'" And I won't miss you when I'm married." Slight pause. "How will I get my married dress?"
Ahh yes, the truly important thing, the married dress. She's got priorities.

Kenzie and Kandelyn practice their dance moves at Aunt Laurie's wedding. They're getting ready for that prince, you know.
Kenzie used to want to marry Cooper, but Cooper informed her that he was marrying someone else, so now she is convinced that our neighbor Tayson is the one for her. After the above conversation she said to me, "Mom, I will marry Tayson." And then she got all happy and said, "And Tayson already knows you!" (I blame Disney. I always try to tell her that falling in love takes more than dancing in the forest with strangers. I guess at least Tayson is not a stranger.)


Kristina P. said...

Ha! She is adorable. Make sure you show her this conversation when she turns 16.

Lorette and Family said...

That is so precious!!!!!

Loralee and the gang... said...

My little 5 year old was talking about marrying his 3 year old neice (yes we're LDS, ya know, big family; I kept on having babies forever!). Anyway, I told him that you don't marry family, you marry a friend and make your own family. So then he started talking about his friend Sydnee from preschool. He caught on pretty quick, thankfully.

Melissa said...

Steph, you make me laugh!!! Kenzie is so adorable. I am sure Tayson would love to marry her. But first let me get him to go both one and two in the big potty and then we will talk!!

Em Russ said...

That's hilarious. Lila tells me all the time that she never wants to get married and leave us. She even watched our wedding video at my mom's and was crying because she didn't want to get married. I told her she doesn't have to unless she wants to...

Hollie said...

So adorable!

Marcie said...

That is so cute. I agree, It's all Walt Disneys falt!

Marcie said...

Whoops - FAULT. I blame him for my poor spelling as well.