Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kitchen repainted and some other pictures that finally blogger decided it could upload.

Don't judge me. I had to have a clean kitchen to paint it, but immediately after the paint dried I had to go back to using it, so it's messy in the after picture.

Before, everything is clean but our fridge.

After, everything is messy. We didn't really do anything drastic in here, just a fresh coat of creamy paint. I think the empty milk jug next to the blue tape is so existentialist. So really, my kitchen is not dirty, it's just part of my theme. (And I'm not an existentialist. I just like that word)

I love our new color on the doors. I'll probably paint the inside of the entryway door this color as well. Now, I just have to pretend that I can decorate and hang things up.

Kenzie and I had a butterfly day, thanks to her new book, "Fancy Nancy; Bonjour Butterfly." We made crape paper butterflies, had butterfly shaped sandwhiches, and of course, dressed up like butterflies. I'm thinking antennae may have to become part of my regular hairstyle.

This is Mike, enjoying his "vacation" by letting blood rush to his head as he fixes the car. Good job Mike!An impromptu tea party. I still haven't put the bucket of joint compound away because it's so dang cute to watch Hannah and Kenzie sit on it and pull themselves up to our bucket of rice for a table. Who said food storage can't be fun? (And she can't get the lid open on the mud to eat any, even if it is one of her favorite snacks. I checked.)


Kristina P. said...

I love the doors! Everything looks awesome!

Marcie said...

I'm always amazed at what a can of paint will do to a room! It looks great. I love the food storage tea party!

Hollie said...

I'm serious when I say this, do you guys need a part time job? My house needs some work. I really like the doors.
I'm glad buckets can be used for something besides a step stool to reach things that were intended to be kept out of reach.