Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Hannah-nator

The advantages a large head affords:
You can wear large hats.
Once upon a time, you would have been considered very intelligent.
You appreciate buttons on shirt collars that give a little squeeze room.
You never have to wear a turtleneck because you can't squeeze it over your noggin.
When they make a bobble head doll of you, it will look accurate, not freakish.
In wrestling matches with your sister you can always cause tears with the tried and true head bump.
Hannah has all these advantages and more.
This week I took her in for her doctor's appointment where she charmed everyone by crying consistently and refusing to let go of me.
They did manage to get a few measurements and I am proud to report that her head still averages right at 96% with 49.25" She is also 28 pounds (85%) and 33.5" tall (50%).

Her current hairstyle is reminiscent of Harry in Dumb and Dumber.
Other Hannah facts:
Her longest sentence has been: "Don't Spill the Beans" while we played a slightly different version of the game than recommended on the box, called, "NO Hannah! Don't Eat the Beans!"

Just this week she has started putting two words together. My personal favorite, "Don't Like! Don't Like! Don't like!" Uttered in extreme terror over a toy truck that sometimes freakishly makes garbage truck noises without any prompting.

She agrees with everything I say by nodding her head solemnly and saying, "K." Then she does what she wants anyway.

She also says all the time, "Look, look!" And shows me some fabulous trick she has learned, like turning pretzels and marshmallows into "suckers."

She loves Kenzie. She tries to do whatever Kenzie does and be wherever Kenzie is. Some of their favorite activities are food storage tea parties, dancing with their dollies and singing, piling all the toys in the crib and playing together.

Hannah also loves grabbing one of whatever Kenzie has and running away as fast as she can. Kenzie does not like this game. Hannah is also really good at eating all of her snack really fast and then asking Kenzie to share. Kenzie is very generous to her.

Just today in the car she started counting and counted all the way to ten! (It's that large brain she has in her large head, I tell you.)

Hannah hasn't eaten anything too dangerous lately, but she keeps me on my toes. I have her to thank for keyword hits on this blog that include, "three-year old ate too much toothpaste." and "effects of eating petroleum jelly," or "is it dangerous to eat vaseline?" (as long as you can still breathe. . .) My personal favorite, "Vaseline: is it ok for consumption?"
If you haven't signed up for googleanalytics, you really should, just to read what keywords people use that bring up your blog.
Side note: "asking my wife to do the can-can," "mentholyptus dog poison" and "fat people's dirt snake" as well as "are you excited for the end of the world?" are keywords that apparently bring up our blog.

Now, we'll return to our previously scheduled posting:
Hannah is also a great singer! Ever since she was a baby she has crooned to us and now she sings ABCs, Happy Birthday and a number of others. She always demands that we sing "I am a Child of God" by irreverntly, but adorably yelling, "God! God!" (She is quite the little potty-mouth, since her "xs" still sound like "ks" (fix it! fix it!) and her "Rs" are not very pronounced in "fork")
Dear, sweet Hannah. We love you! Your squinchy smile and fun laugh keep us happy!


Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Wanted to stop by and wish you a beautiful weekend! L♥ve and Hugs :) Shauna

Kristina P. said...

She's so cute! She doesn't look like she has a ridiculously large head. :)

Hollie said...

As a mother with children who also have large heads, I really enjoyed this post. Although it is rather embarassing to buy adult sized bike helmets for two year olds. It's hard to explain to a crying toddler why the XXL helmets don't come with Elmo on them.

Amber said...

Ahhhh, big head are nothing. My son has the distinction of having the hairiest ears (insides) that my doctor has ever seen. :-)

Trevor and Liz Covington said...

big head = big brain..., yeah that is definitely a good thing! i love the hannah update, she is hillarious! Bennett also just learned to say "don't like it mommy" and he gets a lot of practice as he seems to have simultaneously discovered many things he doesn't like, he even told me he didn't like daddy when daddy was trying to get him dressed!

Alisha said...

Just making my 50th visit to your blog this month :)
What a cute little hannah-nator, big head and all. We thoroughly enjoyed the "child of God" story, that's a good one. one things for have the cutest girls ever (along with Sophie, of course).