Sunday, April 26, 2009


The only thing worth celebrating about Spring is Easter. Otherwise, this sloppy, muddy, windy, allergy-inducing, snot-nosed Spring can just progress nicely into the burning summer.

We had a good Easter, attending church and (re-)learning about the Savior and his resurrection. Kenzie kept asking me why they wanted to kill Jesus. Ummm... They were bad. Then I tried to explain about power and fear and then I turned the time over to Mike. Not really. I told some lame story about being afraid of Jesus because they thought he wanted to be the boss, but they wanted to be the boss, and so they killed him. Really? That's what I came up with. I'm thinking about applying for a job with the church curriculum department. I'm a shoo-in.

There needs to be a website with good answers to the difficult questions children ask--- maybe there could be multiple answers so we could choose the one that best fits our child or situation. The page could be a list of difficult questions with links for each age listed underneath. The links would lead to wonderful, illustrative, clear answers that laid the foundation for a child's faith and life. Could someone please get to work on that?

The Easter bunny hid eggs during nap time. We are half-hearted about the Easter bunny. Frankly, I don't care if my children believe in some large bunny that leaves eggs around.

After a fun easter egg hunt, we went to dinner at my mom and dad's. My aunts and their families came and it was fun to see my cousins. They did another Easter egg hunt there, and the girls were pleased as punch that Jana's girls were there too. They love playing with their second cousins. We ate way too much delicious food including chocolate dipped strawberries, homemade orange rolls, and homemade chocolate marshmallow eggs. Heaven. I think there was some ham and salads too.

Shanna, my cousin, helping Hannah find eggs. We wish Shanna lived closer--she would be our favorite babysitter.

Cambrianne showing Hannah where to find some more eggs.

Kenzie, Cambrianne, Hannah and Brandilyn after the Easter egg hunt.

We stopped for a short visit at Reid and Shirley's and were stuffed with more food and candy.

This post is late, so now the girls (and I) have managed to consume most of the candy. So much so that that is my next sacrifice for the marathon: Goodbye Candy.


Kristina P. said...

They both look so cute! I love little girls in Easter dresses.

Alisha said...

I really like the "sleeveless" dresses. I still laugh at Kenzie's obsession :)
I'm glad Easter was fun, I hope we can be there next year!!!!

Marcie said...

Cute pictures! I can't wait to put a big Pink flower in someones hair someday. Let me know when you find that website with answers to childrens questions!

Loralee and the gang... said...

I think the pre-school gospel question website is a Great Idea! I'd be lookin at it daily, I think!

Katie said...

Steph, I love your posts. I don't leave comments too often, but I really enjoy reading your blog. Your girls look darling.