Monday, April 13, 2009

Hannah Takes Over the World

We have crash landed into Hannah's terrible twos. (Dear Hannah, If you ever read this I want you to pretend that the first sentence reads: My darling and adorable daughter turned two today. What a joy our Hannah is. She never whines, she never cries, and she obeys without question. I can only hope that her two-year-olds are as wonderful for her as she is for me. Now stop reading. Go back to your previous activity knowing that your mother was wonderful and you were too.)

On the Friday before Hannah's bday we took her and Kenzie to the Living Planet Aquarium. It was a fun place, with lots of things for the girls to see. Kenzie had a great time and Hannah was mildly entertained. Hannah liked the coral reef play ground and the fish. Kenzie liked the sting ray petting pool.

My favorite was the free "shrimp" manicure. They let you stick your hand in and these shrimp things come and nibble off the dead skin. Mar-veh-lous darling. I wish they would have let me stick my feet in. :)

For Hannah's birthday, we celebrated at our parent's houses when we went for general conference. At my parent's Hannah got a Doodle board, (Kenzie tries to steal it every chance she gets and it kept them entertained for long periods of time on our drive to Moab), and a Elmo doll. She loves Elmo and squeezes him and smiles at him constantly. (You have to bribe her for a hug to anyone else, but Elmo gets tons.) Shaelynn gave her a Cabbage Patch Doll. For Kenzie's birthday, Shae gave her a Fancy Nancy doll. As Hannah was given the wrapped present from Aunt Shaelynnie, she whispered as she ripped off the first wrappings, "Fancy Nancy!" I'm not sure if she really wanted a Fancy Nancy doll, or just remembered so well Kenzie's doll. What a silly girl. She sleeps with her Cabbage Patch all the time and it gets more hugs than I do, too.

At Mike's parents Hannah got some really cute p.j.s, a fun princess picture and wall stick on and a mirror to decorate. We decorated the mirror today and she loved putting jewels and stickers and glitter all over it.

Mike took the day off on Monday and we went to the park to feed the ducks and play. We also got to go on a grocery store tour for Kenzie's Joyschool.

Kenzie gave Hannah a princess plate, cup and bowl set and Mike and I gave her a little pop-up tent to play in and some clothes that are already too small.

Hannah, your sweet, mischevious smile makes us laugh. The way you love to make us laugh and the way you follow Kenzie's every move makes us smile. You definitely have a mind of your own. You are good at counting-- you always ask for "One, two three, five six," when we give you a treat; you love to sing--your favorite song is "I'm a girl" from Signing Time by Rachel deAzevedo (you say, "I a gil pwoud be me", and you are getting really good at speaking. You and Kenzie sometimes tease each other mercilessly. We tried sitting you next to each other in the car on our trip last week and you hit and poked each other so much we moved you back to your original seats. You love treats and coloring and being outside. When we go to the park swinging is all that you want to do. And you always say to me, "Push higher, mom" You are a polite little girl and when I help you find something you say, "Thanks mom." Everything is a game to you, even time outs and being in trouble make you laugh. You hate when mom and dad leave you. And it takes you almost an hour to warm up to big crowds, even if they are your own extended family. You don't put as many things in your mouth as you used to, but we still have to watch carefully and if it gets too quiet, I know I better be finding you soon. You love ponies and playing like you are a kitty or a baby. Your favorite story is the Ladybug Counting book and Red Shirt Blue Shirt. You really are a wonderful addition to our family.

Happy Birthday Hannah. We love you!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Hannah! Looks like you guys had a fun day. Sorry we couldn't be there, but you picked a bad time of year (tax season) to be born :)

Charles, Kellie, Gabe and Khale said...

Happy Birthday Hannah! You sound like you have as much energy as your mom! (Love you Stef!)

Anonymous said...

Hey, those were some great looking cupcakes. Yummy! Thanks for sharing Hannah's birthday with those of us who couldn't be there.
:-) G-ma Bette

Marcie said...

Happy Birthday Hanna! She sounds like she is the little burst of energy in your family. Really both of your girls are so darling and girly....I love reading about them. Happy b-lated birthday to Mike as well. I seriously think he could pass for 24 if he needed to.

Shauna said...

CUTE! L♥ve and Hugs to you my precious friend :)