Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mike turns 30

More accurately, but longly, this is the title of this post: Mike Turns 30, Runs a Half Marathon and Signs up for a Subscription to Bikini Bootcamp--so he can be swimsuit ready, you know.

Saturday was an eventful day for us. Back in January when our resolutions were fresh, and we felt all hopeful, we signed up for the Strider's Winter Racing Circuit. Then I got sick, Mike had a two week work training and my brother got married, so we missed a few of the races. Saturday was the half marathon in the series (a 5K, 10K, 10 miler, half and then 30K). All week Mike had debated about whether or not he could handle a half marathon. Well, he handled it. 1:41 to be exact. That's pretty good for someone who has never ran that far. I was impressed (and extremely jealous. Hey I've ran way more miles and I didn't run that fast.)

It was a brutal race. Mike stuck with me, Cristina and Leah for the first 7:30 mile and then he headed down the canyon, listening to STP. Mike said he was just having a good time until the wind hit. For the last 7 miles of the race (it's 13.1), a strong, freezing head wind battered us. I kept expecting to see Mike, but he trucked it in. I made him a sign to wear that said, "It's my birthday and my wife made me wear this stupid sign." But for some reason he didn't want to wear it.

He's been limping around all week, but wow! Isn't he amazing? That's the most miles he's ever ran in his life. I was so proud of him, even if he didn't wear that sign.

On the way home we stopped to get some windshield chips fixed and then we went to pick up the girls from my mom's and we all took a nap. After that Mike went to help Josh and Sherrie construct their new swingset. That night he went to the priesthood session and then we ate scones and banana splits at Reid and Shirley's and opened presents. So far his favorite present has been the Myst game I gave him. He used to play it on the computer when he was little and he's totally loving revisiting it with his siblings.

Somewhere in the flurry of activity, Mike lost his wallet. Or so we thought. Until the bank called us on Tuesday to ask if we had signed up for Bikini Bootcamp. Ummmm let me think. No. Neither had we gone to Babies R Us, nor had we signed up for Skype. Argghhh! Thus began the calling and cancelling of all accounts, library cards, video places, etc. And thus began the worry. Is this a smart thief or a stupid one?

A few years ago Mike scanned everything in his wallet (smart!, then you know who to call to cancel). As he reviewed this scan he realized that an old military id he carried with him had his social security number on it. Worry, worry, worry. Is the thief going to be smart enough to open new accounts, steal his identity? We are praying it's just a small-time idiot who once they realize the card is no longer valid is going to throw the whole wallet away, where it will quickly be buried or compacted in a landfill never to be found again.

This is our hope. Our other hope is that we somehow figure out who has his wallet and then go into their house Kung-Fu style and take the wallet back after teaching valuable lessons about stealing. We figure we have better chances with the first hope.

We're trying to keep a sense of humor here, but it really depends on how far this thief tries to go. Honestly, this isn't something you can look back on and laugh at: "Oh, haha, remember the time your wallet was stolen and they stole your identity and later you were pulled over for a broken headlight and then arrested for outstanding warrants for check fraud?" or "How about that time, hahaha, when the National Security Administration came and knocked on our door wanting to know why you were buying a small arsenal and in contact with Afghan terrorists?" Or, now I'm really laughing, "It was so funny when creditors called us and threatened to foreclose on our house because of that outstanding debt on the yacht loan you supposedly took out?" or "Oh geez, remember that slap-your-knee funny time when we tried to buy a couch and they wouldn't let us because our accounts had all been completely maxed out?"
Yes. Hilarious times, having your wallet stolen and praying your identity is still safe.

Join us in praying for stupidity and hoping Mike suffers a lot less on his next birthday.


Kristina P. said...

Happy birthday to Mike! Sort of. That totally sucks!

The Girardo Family said...

Happy B-Day! My checkbook got stolen out of david's car when we lived in SLC. What a mess it created, he got arrested a few months later (he was doing this for decades). Mine (and 4 others) were the last ones he stole before his arrest, luck for me it wasn't decades. Hope this guy is stupid!

ROBYN -N- KEVIN said...

Hey we are going through identify theft as we speak! Did you know that Kevin has a house and car out there somewhere but we choose to live with my parents and drive a 1990 Honda Civic! Now that is slap your knee funny. Good times, Good times.

Melanie J said...

Oh, man. That totally stinks. I hope all works out well.

Kim said...

I'm pretty sure you can sign up for free credit reports when your wallet has been stolen.
Good luck with all doesn't sound like too much fun.