Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Crazy Woman Speaks

Thought process for choosing clothing to wear while taking a plane from Alabama to Utah: "Hmmm, I should wear a white tshirt--that will hide my stressed-out, high humidity sweat marks. But then again, that will show every teeny-tiny (or rather very large) stain from when Hannah pats me or Kenzie grabs me after she eats. Okay, I better go with the brown shirt. It hides dirt a lot better than the white one. Maybe I can just pretend that I don't sweat. It won't be that bad. Alright brown shirt, it's your turn."

Thought prcess for choosing to fly home alone with two small children: " " Yeah, there wasn't a thought process. I think I opened my mouth and let my brain fly away to its happy place.

Alright Utah, I'm coming home!


Kandice said...

so, steph, did you know that the more you sweat, the better shape you are in? So, consider your sweat marks, the marks of one tough chica!

Loralee and the gang... said...

Yay! Home sweet home!

V said...

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