Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What We've been doing--a song to be sung in two part harmony

I wish I wrote songs. Then I could really tell you what we've been up to. Instead, since I'm feeling strangely attracted to the word "llama" I shall attempt to tell you our past two weeks in rhyme with that word. Luckily Alabama rhymes with llama. Okay, it doesn't really, but it's a special thing we English-teacher-strange-os like to call slant rhyme. Wait. Is it slant rhyme? Yeah, I'm going with it. Slant rhyme. So here goes:

On Wednesday the girls and I returned from Alabama-
We rode on a plane not on a llama.
Without Mike there still wasn't too much drama.

On Friday was Ragnar Relay-rama,
My team won! We were made of mostly mommas

Then on Wednesday there was drama
Girls camp girls who didn't like pajamas
On Friday I left to pick up my knight in shining armour (okay I'm really going for the slant rhyme)
Mike came home, he's such a charmer.

On Saturday we went back to Alabama-
No not really, we went to Bear Lake.

Yeah, I just couldn't pull off that last line. I guess I could say something about a lake surrounded by "farmahs" but I'm lazy.

Happy Summer!


Kristina P. said...

I have way too many athletic blog friends! Congrats on the relay!

Marcie said...

Bravo, very creative and intertaining to read. Congrats on the relay, I keep saying one of these years i'm going to train for it, but I keep on having babies instead.

Andrea said...

Haha, I love the last line.

JennyD said...

Steph- you rock- what else can I say! If I ever want to laugh I just have to read your blog. So lets see...Ragner was 11 days ago now, and I just started walking normal just 3 days ago. My calves finally quit cramping!! How sad is that.. I am a total wimp! But how good it feels to say we won! yippie! I already miss all of you- I had the best time! Thanks again! Jenny Lynny Mortenseny

Kelly(M&M) said...

I still can't believe your team won the relay!! Wow, I am so impressed! And, I loved your creativity in this post. We will definitely have to run again sometime, maybe your speed will rub off on me. :-) Can you get me to Boston?!!

Mike said...

Great job team "Blaisdell's Beauties" on your Ragnar Relay win! Those shiny miniskirts are awesome! Steph, I only wish I could have seen you sparkling by in it! I missed seeing you and your team during the race and at the finish line. I also missed the midnight bike ride I always do with you! Next year, huh. And I'm glad you made it home alright with the girls. I would never dared attempt such a brave feat-o-rama on my own. I love you!

Kandice said...

Congrats Stephanie! You are too stinkin' cute!