Friday, April 9, 2010

One for the Money, Two for the Show, Three to Get Ready

And I mean, get ready. Hannah is now three. I'm pretty sure there's some sort of cosmic force that tells children, "You are now three. Act as if your parents are idiots. Yell. Scream. Throw things. Disobey."
Wait. This is Hannah's Birthday post. Let me switch into my Primary worker voice:

Oh dear, sweet Hannah, who is currently screaming in her bedroom about the terrible tragedy of a skirt that is falling down (because it is Kenzie's skirt. She refuses to wear anything else but skirts. And YES, I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER HER CLOTHING. OR OVER ANYTHING. So much for that primary worker voice)
Okay, maybe it would be best if I just posted some pictures and didn't say anything else. (I would wait until I was in a better mood, but that probably won't be until the baby (that isn't born yet) is sleeping through the night, or maybe when Hannah leaves for college, so I'm going to go ahead and post)

A nice card and present from Grma Bette and Grpa Charles.

Opening a present from us (a Baby Aurora doll. I've totally sold my soul to Disney).

Kenzie is just as excited as Hannah. All through the present opening Kenzie asked, "Will you share with me Hannah? Will you share?" Hannah replied solemnly, "Yes. Tomorrow."

A trip to Chuckee Cheese. Hooray for coupons in the Sunday paper. The girls loved riding the rides and earning tickets. We totally lucked out when one of the workers told us we could keep a stack of tickets he accidentally left on top of a game. The girls were able to buy fabulous rings, stick-on earrings, a sucker, and a fake snake. Oh, the joys of cheap toys. The girls spent the majority of their time in the playground. Hannah couldn't quite make it up the platforms to the playground, so Kenzie helped her. Hannah depends on Kenzie a lot and Kenzie is a good, patient sister. (Now all Hannah needs is a good, patient mother.)

Did I mention that it snowed about 6 inches on Hannah's bday? I had to break out the winter coats again. Here she is exhausted after all the fun at Chuck E. Cheeses.

That night we had some family over for cake and ice cream. Hannah helped me decorate the cupcakes, wouldn't make eye contact with anyone while we sang to her, and loved opening presents. She got a fun pink ball from Gma Vickie and Gpa Alan, a fabulous pink skirt and book from Gma Shirley and Gpa Reid (I finally pried it from her body after 3 days of continuous wear), and a Tinkerbell kite from Dave, Summer, Gracie and Boston.
Happy Birthday Hannah.


Amber Chappell said...

She is a such a cute little thing. (Especially the sleeping picture.) But having two three years old's of my own I can also understand how you're feeling! And how hard it is to maintain "primary worker voice" -- I pretty much only do that when someone's watching. Also, soon I must also brave the craziness of Chuckie Cheese. We gave my Kindergartener an outrageous goal on his sight words and he actually passed it off and now we have to pay up! I totally underestimated him and now I have learned a valuable lesson.

One Cluttered Brain said...

Coming over from MMB contributor site. YES, you look familar but I am afraid I have Mommy brain, can't think or your last name--Your REAL name is Stephanie--like the profile said. Email me back--let me refresh my memory. Are you going to Casual Blogger Conference?
I AM. We could meet up if you are. You write for the Standard Examiner? Cool. I contribute to blissfully domestic as well as MMB of course.
Talk to you later!