Monday, April 5, 2010

Two Holidays and a Race

You thought I ran a race for a minute, didn't you? Well, due to the beatiful issues the pregnancy fairy has granted me this time around (these cute and fun issues rhyme with "stem toyed" and "stabial eradose chains," and if you can't figure that out, we're all better off), I have not been exercising at all. If you think this makes me crabby and forgetful and angry at the world in general, you would be right. But let's pretend I feel cheerful and happy, that my mental facilites are operating at an all time high, and that I love spring.

Since I am not running I live vicariously through Mike. On Saturday, he ran his first 5K of the season at HAFB. According to him 23:20 sucks. According to me, his coach and cheerleader and vicarious-liver-through (yes I'm a liver), it's a great starting point for the season.
While Mike ran, the girls and I participated in a little 1K with the Easter Bunny. The girls were troopers, and even though we were the last ones across the line, Kenzie bragged all day that she beat me and Hannah.

Good job everybody. I'm only partially blaming these new and fun varicose veins on the fact that I carried Hannah part of the way. (Don't worry Hannah. I'll only expect you to visit me every day and take care of me in my infirmities as payment.)

In between sessions of General Conference, we went and painted egg holders and colored Easter eggs at Josh and Sherrie's.

Look there's me large and pregnant in the background. I'm wearing my NCAA Division 1 Indoor Championship shirt. I bought it when all they had left were Xtra larges. There's nothing like a track shirt from the days when you really were fast and skinny to make your self-esteem and self-image soar.

Ahh Easter. I can hate Spring, but I can't hate Easter. Besides, I L-O-V-E, love, love Peeps. See those cute purses? A lady in my ward made them. They turn into little beds for dolls. So fun!

Sunday was also Mike's bday! He got a bike pump, a new jacket (a day late because it didn't come on time), and the picture from the previous post.

We went to listen to Conference at my parent's house and had a marvelous lunch and Easter Egg Hunt. I like this picture because A. I don't look pregnant and B. I don't look pregnant. and C. I only look marginally disgusted with the world in general. (I hide my emotions well.)

Kenzie working the Easter Egg magic.

Hannah hunting for treasures.

Cousin Sophie (Do you see how her parents are cheating for her? For shame :)

Then it was off to Grandma and Grandpa Cs for another session of Conference and a hunt to the death. No children were actually harmed.

Kenzie, learning to throw some crazy elbows as she runs for the eggs.

Hannah's bounteous haul. She insisted that she wear her "Easter Egg Hunt" dress for the search.

Now the question is what to do with the all that candy? I figure we have a couple options: A.Throw it in the garbage B. Confiscate it from the children and stuff it in my face while they sleep C. Save it and hand it out for Halloween D. Let the kids eat it for their next 3 meals, thus doing away with the need to cook for at least a day.
What would you do?


Kristen and Gang said...

Good job walking the 1K. I tried to walk a 5K last summer when I was pregnant, while holding Addison and I had to be picked up by the medical van. We do need to get together. We'll plan out a dinner or something so we can see you guys.

Alisha said...

I choose "B" because that is exactly what I did :)

charbetrichey said...

I pick B or D. But, if you pick D save your money for the dentist bills. If you pick B save your money for the dentist bills. No win situation here. Pick B. :-)