Saturday, April 17, 2010


Hallelujah. The weather finally decided to get its act together and we've been enjoying sending the girls out to the sandbox to play where they dump sand in each other's hair and play for hours. I might have to break down and change their sheets more than once every 6 months. Hannah's bed is getting a little crunchy.

But before we join in the raccous celebration of outdoorsy-ness, let us journey to the inside of the gym where Kenzie takes tumbling.

Remember the tumbling fiasco from last year? Well Kenzie has been taking tumbling again this year (and yes, she's wearing the same outfit as she was 1.5 years ago). I signed her up with Kandelyn and told her we would do it for one year. I'm not sure if it's the fact that Kandelyn is in her class, or that Gracie (who is uber-talented at tumbling) got moved into her class, or even that Kenzie is older now and gets more of a sense of accomplishment from doing the tricks, but Kenzie is in love with tumbling this year.

She likes to practice at home. She never gives me any grief about tumbling. And she gets determined. I love her new found tenacity. She practiced, sometimes with tears in her eyes, doing flips until she could land on her bum (instead of her neck, ouch!).

Now, she begs us for a trampoline so she can practice flips. I credit Summer and Dave and Gracie with teaching her front flips. And she's been working on her back handspring. Go Kenzie!

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