Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It's Hannah Time! (A proud Mommy gush)

My sweet large-headed child! Yesterday was Hannah's 15-month appointment and I am happy to report that her head is as large as ever! At 47.7 cm she's in the 93%. Which brings me to a question. Why in the world do they measure heads? I guess it's just another way to make sure they are thriving, but it reminds me of how they used to measure knowledge by head size. If so, Hannah is a genius! I will attest to that.
So some other facts and brags about Hannah: She is 31 and 1/4 inches (75%), and she weighs 23.11 pounds (65%). Hannah is walking and running all over now! She is also crashing into things with wild abandon. Her latest fall came when she was running out to show me some crayons (which she wasn't supposed to have), and she fell face first into the edge of the filing cabinet. Ouch! That left a mark.
She loves to bounce her little bum in a cute baby dance, loves books, and loves (unhealthy) food. Whenever I stand by the snack cupboard in the kitchen she runs over and squeezes between my legs, lifting her arms and grunting that "uh uh uh" I want grunt. Hannah only has four teeth (top front two and top front bottom) but she eats everything.

Hannah knows about 10 words. I tried counting the other day, and I keep thinking of more. But my favorite is when she says, "Shhh! Shhh! Shhh!" (that counts as a word, right?) and tries to hide under a blanket. She'll hold her finger to her lips when she says that and I just laugh and laugh. She also knows the following words: hide, woof, duck, ball, side (for outside), mommy, da, ant, dog, kitty. She signs "eat" and "all done."

When Hannah is pleased with herself she purses her lips in this little "oh" like ,"hey I am so cute/good/smart, huh?" Don't bother helping her eat/drink because she has developed an attitude, and she can do it herself. Unless she can't and then she "uh uh uhs" at me until I do it for her.
When Mike comes home she runs to the stairs (which are gated of course) and then runs back to me, and runs to the gate until he comes. She'll give him a kiss, complete with the "smack."
Her favorite toy is the little tykes car and the swing in our backyard. She loves her blankies--she has about five that we can rotate, but her new favorite is to spread out the yellow duck one that Grandma Vickie made and read books on it, or cuddle it.

Speaking of cuddling, Hannah loves her stuffed puppy (also a present from Grandma and Grandpa Hansen), and she holds it to her cheek and says, "Ohhh! Ohhhh!"
Which, cheesily enough, is what my heart says whenever I hold my sweet baby. They grow so fast!


The King Family said...

Hey I heard her say "no" or was that just a one time thing.

Mike said...

Yes...That is a new unfortunate word that she is starting to say more often now. She thinks she is pretty fun when she says it!


Okay, my youngest brother (now 19) was a 10 1/2 pound baby when he was born. He never fit into the newborn clothes and his head was so gargantuan that the nurses couldn't even fit the little hospital newborn beanie on him.

I was a high school freshman at the time and I remember a friend of mine coming over when Brendon was born, taking one look at him, and then bursting out laughing and pointing and saying that he looked like a bobblehead doll.

I told her to leave and I never spoke to her again.


Happy 15th month, Hannah Cutie!

Amber said...

They do grow up so fast. And you should be proud of the big head stats. My proudest moment was during my son's 6-month checkup when the doctor told me he had the hairiest ears she had ever seen. :-)

kristi lou said...

she's sweet steph. and honestly i never noticed that her head was exceptionally large. (maybe it's because my kids' heads are such whoppers! :) )

Anonymous said...

If that is what it takes to make such a sweet girl, then so be it. She is a cutie! Don't you think she looks like me?
(Is this going to post twice?)