Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy 24th

I always thought it was the coolest thing to have two firework occasions in July (even if we have managed to miss all firework displays this year, we did get to do Sparklers both July 4th and July 24th). Hooray for Pioneer Day!
We spent the day at the parade, swimming in the backyard and eating Reid's delicious hamburgers and Shirley's homemade ice cream.
The highlight of the parade was a huge Barack Obama puppet float. It was awesome, and my picture just didn't turn out. Now, my vote is still out, but if he promises more puppet appearances I might have to vote for him. It was a hot! hot! hot! day and the parade stretched out just a bit long. But we had good company (Dave and Summer and Summer's parents), and Kenzie was thrilled when someone threw her a sucker.
Mike took half a day off and wished he had taken it all. We've decided no more half-day offs, just full days. Because we always wish it was a full day of Mike. :)
Some pictures:


kristi lou said...

Ahh Man! No Pioneer Day here in Tucson. I totally miss it!

We do have Rodeo Days though! And the kids get like 2 days off school to go to the rodeos! Awesome!

Just one of the Boys said...

I agree half days are a waste. You guys are always doing something fun. What a cute little family , and your girls are so darling!

Dustin and Alisha said...

cute girls! I'm excited to see you guys!

Heidi said...

What fun...we actually didn't even know it was July 24th??? Always fun to see more Chambers and your cute kids!