Monday, July 7, 2008

What I learned on my Summer Vacation

1. Those cute swimsuits with skirts that cover that really ugly whale-like part of your leg still require shaving in the nether regions, as the skirts float out in the water, exposing said area.
2. Traveling with children requires patience, candy, bribes, and a video player
3. It is still a good idea to have a baby wear a diaper, even when playing in the lake.
4. I could never be a Native American or polygamous wife, living in some communal area.
5. Actually, having to cook only once on this trip was really, really, really nice. Maybe I could do the communal living thing.
6. Happy memories will overcome the reality of trips with children, and I will attempt trips with them again.

We went to Bear Lake this past weekend with the Chambers. Mike's grandpa owns a cabin up there and they have been going every summer for as long as Mike can remember. I love Bear Lake. I love the memories I have of relaxing in the sun, doing puzzles, playing games, eating like kings! That was before children. Now with 5 grandkids, all with the same naptime, and one big sleeping area, it is a little more stressful.
We left Thursday night with the brilliant idea that the girls would sleep on the way there. Ha! I have heard about people using Benadryl to drug their children for trips, and now I understand why.
The next day, Mckenzie loved the water and beach and wanted to stay all day. We played in the sand, we played in the water. We avoided (mostly) sun burn and had a great time. Hannah was not so excited about the water, but did enjoy eating lots of sand. The next day was a repeat. Kenzie had tons of fun playing with Kandelyn, going for a ride with Grandpa on the 4-wheeler and going out to sea with Grandpa and Kandelyn in the tube. Hannah ate more sand and had a great time. Mike and I got to enjoy some runs without the girls, and we got to take some naps!

I still love Bear Lake, it's just different than how I used to love it. Now I love it because it's a chance to have all the Chambers together, and it's a chance for Kenzie and Hannah to play with cousins (or, in Hannah's case to learn self-defense from cousins), and it's a nice opportunity to get out of the house.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a bunch of fun was had and great memories were made. Cute pictures. Is Mike still on Kemo? His hair just doesn't seem to grow (little joke). But, you all look brown and healthy. See you in person soon. GB

ClingerFamily said...

What a great weekend! My sister-in-law is one of those benadryl users with kids. She swears there is nothing wrong with it, but I just can't seem to justify it. Humm - wonder why??
After Hannah ate all the sand, did she get what I call the "Sandpaper Diapers"? Those are the worst!

Em Russ said...

Ok. Does every single comment I make start out this way? I just can't help it, Steph... you totally crack me up! Great post!

Stephanie and Co. said...

Sandpaper diapers-- that is hilarious! Hannah had the most disgusting sandpaper diaper on the way home. It ended up all over her and the carseat and I had just used my last wipe. So I forgot number 7. Always bring more wet wipes than you think necessary.

Hollie said...

Stephanie, you are so funny! I love that your posts are "normal" and not the "my life is so perfect" kind. Your posts are "perfectly normal" and I love it. Be warned, Benadryl can make some kids hyper-not that I know from experience- errr, but it says on the label.

Melisa said...

Bear Lake is great is'nt it. I love summer vacations with the family and spending time with cousins is priceless.