Sunday, February 1, 2009


This week I managed to get a cold, so we didn't really do anything. I am a pouty, whiny sick person. Mike was kind enough to stay home a half day to let me sleep when I was at my worst; He is such a kind soul. I credit my speedy recovery to him and Emergen-C.

And I forgot to blog about this:
Last week, Mike put shiny new aluminum wraps on the clean stove! Hooray! (He did it and then took a picture. He must have been impressed with how they looked. I was too.)

Lately, Kenz has been obsessed with "Fancy Nancy," and yesterday we made her a "fancy"
bathtub. Today she told her primary teacher that she, "Has to teach my family how to be fancy." It's true. I love that book because I am not fancy, and Kenzie is so girlie, just like the little girl in the book.

I promise I didn't tell her to pose, she just chose this little hand gesture all on her own. Notice the beautiful beads, ponies and hair things decorating her fancy bathtub. Don't we all wish that we had such fancy tubs? (And I wouldn't be creeped out by psychotic ponies staring at me in the bathtub. It would be fancy.)

This is my favorite fancy pose. Very exquisite and extraordinary!
And one more--
These two girls mean everything to me!


Kristina P. said...

They are so cute! And I loved My Little Ponies when I was her age.

Anonymous said...

What sweet pictures. What sweet girls!
I too love a clean stove. It looks beautiful.

Marcie said...

I want a a bath like that! Your girls are so cute. I love Fancy Nancy, maybe one day i'll have to make a ponny bath for someone.:)

Marcie said...

Oh, no I did'nt take the pictures on my blog. I have the number of the lady who did. Let me know if you want it, she only charges $50.

Mystique Shepherd said...

I'M SHAELYNN'S BEST FRIEND!!!! i got married on her birthday, and i think we should be friends. ok so maybe this is shaelynn hacking into your account through my friends.... bahhaha!! :) I love you!

The Smith Family said...

Super cute kids! Thanks for entering my giveaway!