Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hooray for 30!

Now that I am 30, it's time to sit back and reflect on 30 years of a cavity-free life. That's right. Cavity free! Hooray. Even though my dentist didn't make me a nice certificate and hang my polaroid picture on his wall, don't worry. I'll just head over to my Microsoft Publisher program and make myself one. I'll hang it right next to the fake blog awards I give myself and my Master's degree. They're all about the same level of work.

I don't even floss regularly. Now that I'm getting older though, I am starting to try and floss more. Especially after my last visit to the dentist when I heard some code words like, "Looking at the lateral 38B*, and it has a little catch." "Yes, you've been watching that one doctor," said the hygienist. "We'd better fill it." Excuse me? I sat up. "Does that mean I have a cavity?" I squeaked, terrified at the prospect. I wasn't 30 yet. I still had 3 months to go before I could declare myself cavity free for 30 whole years. My greatest accomplishment was about to be drilled! "I've never had a cavity before," I said.
*I have no idea what he said here, I just know it was some number and position indicating a back tooth.

"Wellllll," said the Dentist, "It's still okay. If it catches any more then I'll have to fill it."

"Flossing might help," added the cheerful dental hygienist, who has given me gentle lectures before. I was so relieved. Six more months of cavity-freeness! I would make it to my birthday.
Now I floss more regularly and I'm not sure if I'll make it to 40, but let it be written that I made it to 30.

I have nothing against turning 30, especially since I don't have any cavities. I guess I'm not so young anymore, but I'm looking forward to the days when I can complain loudly about the "kids these days." I'm also planning on running my first marathon this year, since I'm still in my prime and all.

On Sunday we had a combined celebration of Kenzie's and my birthday at my parent's house. Alisha and Dustin were in town and so was Shaelynn. Kenzie told everyone all day we were celebrating our birthdays. I made us a little heart cake (why, oh why didn't I have my mom make an ice cream pie? What was I thinking?! Mom, will you make me an ice cream pie? Please, please, please?), and then we opened presents.

Kenzie, whose birthday is in 10 days, had no problem with celebrating early. We gave her a Fancy Nancy book, she got a jump rope and big bubbles from Sophie (aka Alisha and Dustin), a princess scooter from my parents and-- the crowning glory of the evening-- a Fancy Nancy doll from Shaelynn.
It was like that moment in "A Christmas Story" when he opens his red rider bb gun. Speechless. Amazed. Thrilled. I'm glad Fancy Nancy won't shoot her eye out though.

Kenzie only had eyes for Fancy Nancy after that. When it was time for cake and ice cream she lovingly placed Fancy Nancy next to the baby swing saying quietly and adoringly, "You're the fanciest doll I've ever had." After cake and ice cream she strapped Nancy to the scooter basket and danced with her feet. "Ohhhhh," she cooed, holding Nancy's face in her hands, "Look at your green eyes! You are so fancy!"
They are now inseparable.
My birthday was terrific. Mike took the day off, brought me flowers and balloons, and was Prince Charming. I got an under-cabinet radio (now I can't walk around with my boombox on my shoulder, MC Hammer pants blowing in the wind), and a huge magnet board! We also went out to dinner at Applebees. AND, And, Mike took a half day off today so that I could go get a "hot stones" treatment at the spa Shaelynn works at. Seriously, how did I luck out and get to marry this guy? Now that I feel all mushy and gooey, I'm going to have to think of something sarcastic to say to make myself feel normal again. . . Nothing's coming to mind. It was sweet and he's adorable.

Here's me showing off not only my cavity-free, thousands of dollars dental-work smile, but also my cabinet radio. Marvelous.

So now that I feel all relaxed from my "hot stones" treatment (They don't burn you with rocks. It's actually quite pleasant), and pleased as pumpkin pie (because afterwards Shaelynn took me to the Cheesecake Factory and I had the most holy and divine cheesecake I have ever eaten), I'm looking forward to the next 30 years. (Especially if I get to share them with Mike and my girls)


Kristina P. said...

That's pretty amazing! I've had more cavities than I can count!

Hollie said...

Congratualtions on 30 cavity free years. I love that Kenzie is so into Fancy Nancy.

Emily and Kyle said...

Happy 30 years! that was a fun post to read...I'm jealous of the 30 years with no cavities. My dad is a dentist, and I'm quite certain, I would be his favorite daughter if I didn't have cavities for 30 whole years....dang.

Emily and Kyle said...

Fancy Nancy looks like the coolest doll ever...especially since she has RED hair! Who the heck is Fancy Nancy??

Kathryn said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (sorry this is late and sorry that I had to read your blog to know it was your birthday).
Seriously, so impressed about the teeth!

Melisa said...

Happy BIRTHDAY and congrats on the teeth i'll be lucky to have all my teeth by the time I'm 30 :)

Melanie J said...

Welcome to your thirties. It's actually way more fun that the twenties.

Kristyn said...

Happy Birthday! I'm glad you had fun!

Trevor and Liz Covington said...

yeah for 79'rs!! Happy birthday and I am really impressed about the lack of cavities...almost as impressive as sarah having a baby in her 90's (trevor is reading the OT to me right now... )

Pebley Family said...
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Pebley Family said...

Happy birthday Steph!! I didn't even know it was your birthday. Such a bad friend. Also, lucky on not having any cavities. I was cavity-free until December when I had a HUGE cavity that I pray daily will not grow and I won't have to have a root canal.

The Spencer Family said...


Welcome to the thirties!!! I will be 32 in August...and that is scary. Sorry I haven't replied about being an alternate for Wasatch, but I am just a slacker and I figure it probably won't be the best idea...I am sure the altitude will catch up with me :)

Arabelle McCuen said...

Wow. Cavity-free at 30? Now, that's amazing! Your kids must have inherited your good set of teeth and the oral care habit. It's really admirable. Yeah, "kids these days..." is agreeable. Hehe! How are your teeth now?