Sunday, February 15, 2009

Living on Love

Mike and I have gotten a little behind on our debts, and things are beginning to collapse financially (this is a hypothetical situation), and we've decided to model our little home budget after the government's new ideas for rescuing the economy from financial ruin:
1. Spend, spend, spend until we can't anymore. And then spend some more on cow bloating experiments in space.
2. Borrow lots and lots of money from our relatives, especially our foreign ones that hate us and are good at suppressing basic human rights. Let them set the terms of how we will repay and when. Rely on their good will and keep borrowing more and more.
3. Throw large quantities of the borrowed money out the window at passerbys. Buy an island. Buy a few seats in Congress. Throw money into the sea and hope that it floats back up someday. Build a gigantic monument to ourselves. Make large loans to disreputable relatives and cousins (not that we have any of these, but hypothetically), who just lost millions of dollars gambling on horses.
4. Cross our fingers and hope for the best.

I'm pretty sure this will get us out of debt and moving forward to recovery in our financial breakdown. What do you think?

I'm not a rabid anything, Democrat or Republican, but I don't get it. I just don't get it. It's like the Wizard of Oz. "The great and powerful government will rescue us." But really it's just a whole bunch of smoke and mirrors. My idea of a solution would be to CUT SPENDING, hunker down and weather the storm.
Okay, now that I've solved the world's problems, here's some pictures that have nothing to do with the above.
Ahh, young love. Fancy Nancy is so pampered. Now that she has her own fancy bed, all she does is sleep all day. I've decided that the federal government needs to use some of the bailout money to create a Craft911 call center where people like me who attempt to do crafts can call when things go horribly awry. This cute little bed was brought to you by my wrapping paper, fabric scraps and paint sticks. Craft911. I also attempted to paint and then modgepodge my giant magnet board. Wow. The operators at Craft 911 would be telling that story for decades, if only there was a Craft 911.

On Valentine's Day we did a little scavenger hunt with the girls. This is Kenzie finding a clue under the table. It ended with the discovery of two princess Walkie Talkies. The girls love them. I'm pretty sure the relationship will only last a week or two, but that's what young love is all about, right? Kenzie keeps trying to run away from Hannah so that they can talk through the Walkie Talkies, but Hannah doesn't get it.
Kenzie, "Okay Hannah, I'm going downstairs so I can talk to you on my phone. You stay up here. I'll go downstairs."
Hannah says, "Okay," nodding her head very solemnly. Kenzie runs towards the stairs. Hannah runs after Kenzie, walkie talkie in hand.
After our scavenger hunt we delivered valentines to our grandmas and grandpas. As far as our romanticness that day, Mike and I trade off for Valentines, and I always think when it's my turn that I'm going to plan some huge romantic something. Instead I bought Mike some running shorts and socks. I could have folded the socks into some elaborate heart pattern, but I didn't think of that until now. Dang! Next time it's my turn I'll be sure to remember that. It will make the day so much more special. Lest my sarcasm fool you, I am a sappy romantic head. It was a great Valentines Day, Mike is the best and The End.


Kristina P. said...

Can I be one of the passerbys you throw money at? I wholly support your plan.

Marly said...

I totally agree with you! I think that plan is the best idea anyone could come up with!
Ok, I totally agree with you that they need to hunker down and weather out the storm. It's all very ridiculous.
Although, we might get a house because they are giving out 8,000 now, I don't have to pay it back and I have until Dec 31st. I might as well....

kristi lou said...

I LOVE your Fancy Nancy Bed!! Adorable.

I think it's great that you spend creative time with your kids.

Heidi said...

That bed is adorable...give yourself some credit!! I also got a big laugh out of your "debt diet". You and Mike are the perfect 'witty' match...thanks for keeping me laughing!! Loves - Heidi

Darcie - Such The Spot said...

Your budgeting plan cracks me up. The news about the economy and our governments plan to fix it leaves me wanting to make like an ostrich and bury my head. Although your plan would be much more fun!