Sunday, March 15, 2009

Girls Night Out

For weeks now, Kenzie has been saving her "tickets" (Our discipline system that we also use to help her do things by herself that she otherwise whines for us to do for her), and I have been magically turning them into quarters for her to save for the coveted opportunity to see Ariel skate herself into trouble and an early marriage at Disney on Ice.

My magic skills are the best in the business, bar none. "Look Kenz, what's that over there?" And suddenly her tickets are quarters. I plan to offer "Tricking Your Child" classes soon.

On Thursday, all of our dreams came true as Hannah, Kenzie and I journeyed to Energy Solutions (Nuclear Waste in your Backyard) Center with my mom and had a terrific time.

We celebrated in true American style by visiting McDonalds first where the Littlest Pet Shop Happy Meal toy almost trumped Disney on Ice. I am very thankful for that LPS monkey--it made it so I only had to say, "No, we're not buying a $18 spinning Tinkerbell sucker," once. Because then I said, "You already have this awesome monkey." And that was the end of it.

When we got to the Nuclear Waste Center there were millions of people and lots of little girls dressed up like princesses. I had heard about this from some friends who went last year, and I brought the girls' Cinderella dresses, but I left them in the car after having a moral dilemma with myself over the spoiling of children. Sometimes I have these quandries with myself. I kind of hate princesses and all they represent. But then there is this sucker/romantic/foolish/irresponsible part of myself that allows my girls to get completely caught up in the "magic." If I had to start over as a mom, I don't think I would have so many Disney movies introduced into my girl's lives. But now it's too late and I'm at Disney on Ice and there are worse things I could introduce my children to, like South Park or crack cocaine.

So, ever the super-Grandma, my mom ran back to the car and Kenzie and Hannah were transformed. They loved it and tried to twirl in the narrow aisle bumping the swearing, nose/lip ring family in front of us. Sorry, sorry.

Finally the lights went down and out came Mickey and Minnie and co. Hannah loved Donald Duck. Kenzie was transfixed from the beginning to end. Of course her favorite was Ariel. I always try to explain that Ariel is somewhat bratty and gets married too young, but Kenzie explains her redeeming qualities to me. "Mom, Ariel was nice this time."

All in all it was a nice evening. I have to admit that the props were amazing and the skating was pretty cool. It was really fun to watch Kenzie and her little face. She only burst out in excited dancing once, but she was glued to the action. Thanks mom for coming with us and for going to get the dresses. The girls loved it. I wish we had a picture with my mom, but she took this one for us.


Kristina P. said...

I think that they look adorable. Fun evenin!

Loralee and the gang... said...

Maybe I am not politcally correct here (and I don't care) but I think that Disney princesses are harmless. And fun. And if all else in homelife is fairly normal, they will understand good and correct roles of women, wives, and mothers, and won't just become fixated on their looks, etc. They know it's just a cartoon, just like they'd never REAlly want to eat Crabby patties and think that the kitchen sponge can talk. So don't stress out about the princess thing.
What's your take on that?

Alisha said...

Oh, Stephanie! I'm with Loralee- it's totally harmless. You grew up on Disney Princesses and you ended up just fine, living a normal life and having a great sense of reality. Even if they think that's real, they'll figure it out, just like Santa Claus...
I'm glad that they had such a good time! Love you!

Hollie said...

Alisha, what do you mean "just like Santa Claus?" Are you trying to say he's not real? I'm now crying, and can't stop. Thanks for ruining future Christmas' for me!
This post really made me laugh. Especially the part about the $18 spinning Tinkerbell sucker.
But for reals, I think Disney Princesses are harmless. I too have debated as to whether or not to introduce them to Addi. I've decided that I will because real life will sneak up on her soon enough. She'll someday have a job, responsibilities and not any time to dress in sparkly clothes and believe in magic. Childhood is fleeting, it should have plenty of room for imagination before adolescence beats it all out of her. Your girls have such great "real life" women role models to look up to. They'll figure out that real women don't make deals with sea witches, cry in gardens waiting for their problems to magically go away or fall in love within a few short hours.

Charles, Kellie, Gabe and Khale said...

Oh to be the mom of girls. That looks like a ton of fun!

Kristyn said...

I'm glad you had fun. It looks like a good time!

Pebley Family said...

How fun. You get pricnesses and I get rocks. They looked cute.

The Spencer Family said...

OH to have girls...but hey we're going to disney on ice on April 20 here in good ol'arkansas - princess dresses not included. But our Woody and Buzz and Bullseye and Nemo and Mickey...I know what you mean about introducing Disney - might be coming with us!