Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hannah sleeps in a Big Bed

With Kenzie I had a sense of urgency regarding getting her out of the crib and into a big girl bed. Hannah was coming and I wanted Kenzie to feel comfortable and not displaced by the new baby. With Hannah, I almost have a sense of reluctance. What, reluctance? From the mom who can't wait for her children to grow up? I guess I'm just comfortable with the way things are: Hannah the vaseline eater safely contained in a crib and Kenzie close to the ground on a bed that we hope will last forever.

Kenzie at age 1 year 11 months in her first big girl bed. I was so worried about the baby displacement thing I borrowed this bed from my mom before we bought the bunk beds a month later.

Safely tucked away in the garage was the second bunk bed. For when Hannah got older. And more obedient. Since neither of those days was approaching, I dismissed Mike's suggestion that we break out the bunkbeds this last weekend. Hannah was not old enough. Neither was Kenzie. Really. They were too young. No I mean it. Finally, I decided that maybe I was being a little constraining and it was time for a big girl bed. But I still wouldn't let Mike take down the crib.

Mike working diligently to put the bed together while the girls lay on each other and giggle. We bought the top bunk when we bought Kenzie's bed, knowing that we'd eventually need it.

I want options. Just in case this big girl bed is a bad idea. So far it's been a hit. Kenzie loves being on the top bunk and Hannah enjoys her bed. Last night was little rough what with Hannah climbing up the ladder every time we turned out the lights but otherwise naps and bed time have gone well. She's only fallen out twice. (I know you can buy those bed fences or whatever they're called, but part of Mike and my parenting philosophy is a few falls before you learn are good motivators. That's of course, only if the bed is close enough to the ground.)

I love it when they pretend to sleep. Here they are on the bottom bunk. I'm excited to make matching rag quilts for them with my mom. We're doing variations on pink. Except this time we're making the squares 12", not 6". 6" is a nightmare.

Since the room is small and I haven't allowed the crib to come down yet (I probably will this weekend), I've lost my makeshift dresser/changing table. This means I should be motivated to potty train Hannah. Yes, I'm definitely feeling the love for cleaning up poop and pee and being subject to "I need to go potty," whims. I love dropping everything to run to the bathroom and then clapping excitedly and doing the potty dance. That was sarcasm. Although I really do enjoy potty dances.

So I guess they're growing up. Dang it. (And thank goodness. When does the whining "mamamamamama" stop when we're around strangers/close family/anyone but Mike or I?)

The exciting and new top bunk. Notice how I have totally sold out and the abhorred princesses decorate the wall.

On the ladder of death. It hasn't been the ladder of death yet, but I'm pretty sure that with my girls' (inherited from me) coordination, this will become the ladder of death.

P.S. As I post this I can hear Hannah wandering around the bedroom. Did I say it was going well? I lied.


Kristina P. said...

They are both so cute with their cheesy grins!

Mike said...

Before I read this post tonight, I convinced Steph that we need to take the crib down. I've started taking it down, but we're both nervous as to what is going to happen when we go in tonight after lights out and find Hannah up top playing with Kenzie (like last night!) and we don't have somewhere to lock Hannah! I can't believe she is the same age as Kenzie was when she got her big girl bed. Hannah seems so much more defiant!

The Spencer Family said...

Steph...we put up a bunk bed a year ago when Ty was five and preston almost 2. We too, left the crib up - bad idea, Preston was a mess, unsure of where he should go. Once the crib was down, he did super. One bit of advice, we chose not to attach the ladder, so that we could take it down during the day, and when preston was asleep at night, we snuck back in and put it up, so that Ty could get down to use the potty. And p.s - we are currently potty training, so I feel your pain!

The Spencer Family said...

And oh'yeah...have fun making them everytime you wash the sheets!!! Potty words sometimes come out when I am making those darn beds!!

Kristyn said...

Cute girls! I have to admit I'm a little bit jealous of the bunk beds. I want to buys some but I really have no justification to. Darn! I'm not ready to give up the crib yet....and as far as potty-training goes---I lasted an hour and a half and gave up. Yep. I'm pretty cool like that. The second it became my idea and not Mialee's it was just not fun anymore and she started the power struggle. Hmmmmm.....maybe next month.

Em Russ said...

I've been obsessively looking at bunk beds lately. Abby & Zack are almost 2 1/2 and I thought maybe it was time they were in big kid beds. Then Johnny convinced me not to mess with a good thing until we need to so they're still in their cribs. I'm still looking at bunk beds though! :) And potty training two at once... let's just say that I'm content changing diapers for a long time. Once you've done the potty training thing once you realize it's not all it's cracked up to be! :)

p.s. I have that same exact quilt that is on Hannah's bed. I made it to go on my bed when I went to college!! :)

Kandice said...

vaseline eater huh? I did that when I was little, but yeah, i'd have kept her contained as long as possible too. Cute bunk beds though!

Leah said...

Hey Stephanie, are you still planning on the race this weekend? Where does it start, and what time, could you e-mail me the details at Thanks!!

Anonymous said...
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