Thursday, November 5, 2009


It's the Wicked Witch of the West here, just checking in to make sure I'm still on my A-game. Because after only one day of fights and tears this week I'm pretty sure I've lost my evil touch.

For three days, probably induced by a sugar-coma, my girls have been playing nicely together. Their latest fascination? Making mardi-gras bead necklaces into leashes for all their stuffed animals, also putting ill-fitting dresses on their stuffed dogs. Today, the fun and games ended when Hannah discovered that not only are the beaded necklaces good for leashes, but they make good whipping tools as well. Ahh, the joys of childhood.

Well, anyway, I should post some Halloween pictures. I didn't dress up as the Wicked Witch, but las chiquitas were adorable. Right before Halloween I did manage to whip out my Molly Mormon facade and made them tutus and ironed on princess jewels on their shirts. Lest you are impressed, here is how I made the tutus from my friend nannygoat, and let me tell you that that's the first time I've used my iron in about six months.

Without further ado:

We started off the festivities with Mike's Aunt Lonnie's annual Halloween party. The girls loved their barn spook alley as long as the lights were on.

Kenzie and Hannah had tons of fun with their cousins and loved all the candy and compliments on their costumes. Thanks to all of Mike's Aunts and Uncles. We always have fun at this pre-Halloween party.

For almost the whole month of October we've been promising the girls we could "carve" pumpkins. Since knives seem like a bad idea in the hands of girls that like to throw fits, we went with washable paint and had a marvelous time.

Kenzie was very careful to spread the paint evenly so it would dry.

The finished products!

Mike did his annual tribute to love and I went for the vampire pumpkin. I told Kenzie it didn't bite and then when she stuck her finger in its mouth I made a growling sound and moved it quickly. I shouldn't laugh, but the memory of her scream still makes me giggle. (I'll get you my pretty.)

Both girls had Halloween parties at their schools. For Hannah's Kenzie got to come for a little bit and they decorated cookies and made necklaces. They had a blast.

For Kenzie's school party we froze our tushies off on a tractor ride out at Black Island Farms. They kids each got to pick their own pumpkin and on a warmer day I'm sure it would have been a blast.

The actual day of Halloween we had a ward trick-or-treat parade on one of the streets in our neighborhood. After that fun candy-fest we went to visit my parents. Hannah threw a fit, Kenzie went trick-or-treating with them. Eventually Hannah got over whatever horrible life-ending event that caused her tears and helped hand out candy at my parents'. She loved giving it out. When Kenzie returned we went to Mike's parents for some chili and some more trick-or-treats. Then, since it was really only 7:30, because of Daylight Savings, we went to Matt and Cristina's for some serious Rock Band excitement. We jammed out and stayed up too late and ate too much. It was great.


Kristina P. said...

Your girls are so beautiful!

charbetrichey said...

The iron and the sewing maachine in the same blog. Wow, you really are turning into the little homemaker. :-)
Share your secret of not using the iron for so long. It is a staple in our house.

Alisha said...

Cute costumes! Good job being crafty, I'm proud of you :)

Marcie said...

Good work on the tutu's they both looked darling. I will have to try painting pumpkins next year, we had a few issues with the knives.