Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Laundry, a Tutorial

I've thought about putting a tag line on this blog. Something like, "Making lazy look industrious" or "How to be as Lazy as possible" or "The Laziest mother in Blogland" because if everyone has a tragic flaw, mine is definitely sloth. To prove to you that I am the laziest person in the world let me bore you with the details of the laundry around here. Although I do have to say, Mike has one-upped my laziness in the laundry department. He invented Step 16, which I must say takes the laundry laziness to a whole new level.

Step 1: Run out of underwear
Step 2: Sort laundry
Step 3: Put load of underwear and other whites in washer
Step 4: Forget about the underwear load because you haven't showered or needed clean underwear for a few days.
Step 5: Re-Wash the now stinky underwear load
Step 6: Move to dryer
Step 7: Run downstairs after your shower to get a clean pair of underwear, ignoring the rest of the laundry in the dryer.
Step 8: Forget about the laundry in the dryer except to grab the needed underwear in the mornings
Step 9: Run out of shirts
Step 10: Put a load of shirts in the washer
Step 11: Sigh with frustration when you go to move the shirts to the dryer because the underwear load is still in the dryer.
Step 12: Re-dry the underwear load because if you take it out now it will be all wrinkly and you might have to iron something.
Step 13: Forget about the laundry
Step 14: Run out of clothes
Step 15: Pull out the cold, wrinkly underwear load in frustration.
Step 16: Leave it in the laundry basket for another 2 days
Step 17: Finally dump it out and fold a few pieces. The rest are too wrinkly. Throw them back in the dirty clothes.
Step 18: Rewash the shirt load
Step 19: Move it to the dryer
Step 20: Repeat.

Now I've solved all your laundry conundrums. Because, Dang! Doesn't this make your laundry process look good?


Em Russ said...

I'll do you one better. My laundry sits in the baskets so long that it never makes it to the drawers (completely forget folding!) We just pick through it for what we need until the basket is empty again. Sigh. Someday laundry will be done, right?

Amber Chappell said...

Sounds a bit like how we do it around here. The other day Tyson asked me if we were trying a new fermentation technique with our laundry...yup left it in the washer too long.

Kristyn said...

You just made me feel more normal. Thanks! :0)

Cynthia said...

I am in total laundry chaos right now. At least I know I'm not alone! I LOATHE laundry!

This post was just what I needed today. Save me a lounging spot on the sloth couch!

Tyson and Jana +4 said...

Yay! I thought that was just the way we did laundry. I can one up Mike, though :) I pull out all the clothes with stains on them so the dryer won't set them in. They sit on top of the dryer (because I can't even keep up with the normal laundry.) Then, when the stack gets high enough that I can't reach the knobs to turn the dryer on, or, Tyson wanted me to add, if we move,they get placed into trash bags. Not the 13 gallon, kitchen bags, the 30 gallon black heavy-duty leaf bags. We now have 3 full ones! Last month I sorted through the 3 bags to 1 in sizes that we can actually use. I ended up finding some clothes for Taylee that Joslyn used to wear...which means, yup- they've been in there for 5 years :) :) :) Top that!!!

Terresa said...

Love it, all except the ironing bit. Slowly, I've removed all the things from my closet that need ironing. It's one more thing I just can't do. OK. Won't do. How's that?

PS: Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. They make my day!!

Old Folks That Can't Blog said...

I am sure that this is a random gene flaw that has been passed down from your great great great grandfolks in Denmark. Wait, they used Lye soap and a boiling pot on an open fire. Your post is an exact duplicate of how I have done laundry... I am sure that it not been by example.