Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Throw-ups

On Tuesday Kenzie barfed all over the couch (see comments on post below). I still can't convince Mike we need a new couch. And yes, that was the day I told her to stop being a wimp a go to tumbling. (Before she threw-up, not after. I'm only kind of mean.)
On Thursday no one barfed. Not even pregnant me. So we loaded up and headed to the church for the annual 5K. Mike ran with a friend from our Alabama experience, Mike, and then they went to play the annual football game.

Summer and I congratulated ourselves heartily for walking 2 miles (we shortcut the 5K course). The girls were delightful screamers during the race. I blame my evil, hated double jogger.

At noon we took our creamed corn and headed to a church in North Ogden. We had more food than imaginable with the extended C-clan and afterward Mike punished his body even more with dodgeball. The girls bossed everyone around and played happily with their cousins in the nursery.

After that, we watched UP (I cried a lot), and then headed to my Aunt Leslie's for pie night. Did I ever tell you that my mom makes the best pies ever? She does. After pie we took our extremely cranky children home to bed.

No one barfed on Friday and we bought a few things online and mostly just sat around, still digesting Thursday's feast. We did manage to mooch some leftovers from my mom. Nothing beats the divinity of turkey and rolls.

On Friday night, Hannah was up all night barfing every half hour.

If we need a new bio-warfare option that brings enemies to their knees, willing to do anything, may I suggest this particular disease? It was awful.

She's fine now, but we kept her home from church to make sure. She cried bitterly. "I'm not sick! I'm better. I want to go to church! I want to go to church!" I figure I better record that particular sentiment and remind her of it when she's a teenager.

We did copy my friend Emily and her family and made a Grateful Garland. I'm just grateful I only throw-up once a day, not contiguously (why use simple words when you can use large ones?) for 8-12 hours.

**Update: Since I wrote this Mike is home from work barfing and moaning. I can't wait for my turn.


Kathryn-nannygoat said...

Hallie and Megan were barfing early Friday morning at our house. I'd say "something is going around" but since we live 1600 miles away... anyway, good times. It has added something to MY list of things I'm grateful for. I'm grateful that I didn't get the stomach flu (yet) and I am grateful I am not pregnant!
Oh Steph, I hope you are feeling much better soon!

Alisha said...

I'm so sorry! It's so miserable, poor Mike. I really hope you don't get it. When you are all done barfing we should get together. I'm glad I didn't see you offense.

Em Russ said...

Barf-a-rama!! I'm so sorry everyone's been sick. It's hard enough to survive being pregnant without the misery of taking care of sick people on top of that. Hope Mike feels better soon and that you don't get it!

p.s. Love the garland! :)

Trevor and Liz Covington said...

So you hate your double bob eh? Trevor wants me to sell our single and get a double but I'm unwilling because I just can't see myself really using a double jogger as much as I use a single.. like I'm really going to run and push 2 children???

Marcie said...

Tis the season...we usually get our throw up flu for christmas morning! YEAH. I hope you don't get it, there is nothing worst then being pregnant and having the flu, especially if you have already lost blatter control. Hope you guys are better soon.

Kandice said...

i hate cleaning barf. it kinda makes me wanna barf!

Congrats on the baby in utero!

JennyD said...

Hey Stephani! Congrats on the babe on the way---you write the funniest stuff on your blog! I love the BArf word you keep using. Good luck with that!

James said...
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Holly said...

Hey Stephanie! I found your blog from my sister's. So much fun to read. I could totally relate to your laundry tutorial.

Matt and Cris P. said...

Hey Caleb threw up Thanksgiving morning, but thankfully just once and then he just laid around the rest of the day. I hate through up!