Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mysteries Solved

I like to keep my life mysterious. Lately my favorite mystery is "What food can I eat that will not taste vile on the way back up?" Well, does anyone have an answer? I don't.

Here are some other mysteries that have been solved:

Hannah's mysterious love of Spaghetti-Os.
Kenzie says while eating Macaroni and Cheese, "Hannah, why do you like Spaghetti-os?"
Hannah replies gleefully, almost singing, "Because they are so very good."

How it feels to have a cold for 6 weeks and counting.
Awful. It sucks your will to live.

Exercises Good for Pregnant Sick Women
Expanding your belly. While sleeping

How many books can Stephanie read while laying around moaning about her condition and ignoring everyone's needs
1.5 (I highly recommend Shannon Hale's "The Actor and the Housewife")

Why Environmentalists should worry about the Planet
Because a lot of people do laundry like I do. :)

How Hannah can make her own sandwhich at the young age of 2
"By my big self! By my big self!"


Mike said...

How about this one: How to convince your spouse that you really, really need a new couch as opposed to something much more practical, like say a computer? The easiest way is to let your sick daughter lay on it. And barf all over it. Because you see, washing the cushions only makes matters worse, because then you see how nasty the rest of the couch is...

Amateur Steph said...

I'm glad you see my reasoning, dear.

Dreamer said...

The best thing to eat that tastes the least vile coming back up is fresh peaches followed by red Gatorade. But the key is you have to throw them up within 5 minutes of eating them. Ask me how I know. Good luck finding fresh peaches this time of year. You could make a shake of frozen peaches and Gatorade. Sounds gross, but I've done weirder things while prego. Gook luck girlie!

The Girardo Family said...

Haha! Thanks for the smile today. Hope everything else is going well!

Marly said...

ice cream is not bad coming back up. I don't recommend eating pizza, meat loaf or lasagna. I'm just saying.