Saturday, March 13, 2010

Go Hannah

Smart Hannah. Right before bed tonight she said, "Look at my 'S' mommy." I was surprised as she pointed to a little 'S' on the magnetic drawing board. Then she said, "'S' is for Hannah."
"No silly," I said, "S is for Stephanie. H is for Hannah."
"H. H. Here's an H," said Hannah and she drew out a nice H. I was surprised."You make two straight lines and then another," she told me and she proceeded to draw two more 'H's.

Mike claims he didn't teach her. I didn't teach her. Should we blame Kenzie or the Educational movies we watch? :)

 Here is Hannah's drawing of our family.  And yes, I never wash her face.


charbetrichey said...

What a smart little girl. Who's side of the family does that come from? I speak OURS. :-) And I am sure the cuteness does too. I also think that Mike is smart and cute from our side and, of course without saying, you and Kenzie. Yeah, and probably the cat. Oh, and the baby will have the same qualities from the same source. Oh heck, just give us all the credit.

Rachel Sue said...

That's awesome.

My oldest did that when she was about 3. One day, she just cranked out her name. I didn't even know she knew how to do it.

It has never happened again.