Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Tale of Lost Opportunities

Steph, coming home from church RS Meeting,  "Hey babe! I saved you a cupcake. Doesn't it look good?"
Mike, "Oh thanks! It's too late to eat it now."
Mike doesn't take the cupcake to work. It sits on the counter all day the next day. Pink sprinkles, frosting and yellow cake. Stephanie eats it. Mmmm. It is delicious. Not as good as the three chocolate cupcakes she ate the night before, but still good.
Mike, coming home from work, "Hey are there any cupcakes left?"

Steph, feeling a definite need for chocolate, "Hey babe, when we stop to get gas at Smith's I'm going to run in and buy some Cadbury Mini Eggs. Just drop me off at the front and I'll meet you at the pumps." (There aren't even any chocolate chips in the house, since they haven't gone on sale for a long time.),
"No, you'll regret it."
"No I won't. Just drop me off. You're really not going to? C'mon. I just need some chocolate. They're on sale."
"No, because then I'll want to eat some. Just don't buy any." Mike drives past the store and over to the pump, without stopping.
"If I ignore my craving it just gets worse. I'm going to walk over and buy some."
"Don't do it."
"I'll meet you in a minute." Stephanie skips to the store and contemplates buying 10 bags. Good thing she only has $3 cash.
Back at the car Steph rips open the bag and tells herself that she'll only eat 10.
15 Mini Eggs later,
"Hey Mike, do you want some?"
The next day, Stephanie separates the leftover eggs into tens and puts them in little plastic baggies, trying to encourage herself to eat only in moderation.
She has a lot of empty little sacks sitting on her computer desk when Mike comes home.
"Hey do you want something to eat?" he asks Stephanie as he wanders to the kitchen.
"No thanks."
"What do we have in here?" says Mike, searching the cupboards.
"Salsa, chips, granola bars, I don't know."
"Hey, are there any Cadbury Mini Eggs left?"

Moral of the Story: Don't leave food with the pregnant woman.


Kim said...

This is awesome. And totally, utterly, completely true. I'm getting nachos tonight. :)

Rachel Sue said...

. . . or not pregnant women!