Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mermaid Repair

Today I reached a new level of sophistication and domestic goddess-ness.

See this beautiful mermaid? She is the prized possession of Mckenzie.  She earned this fabulous dollar-store mermaid after many difficult days of obedience. She had to be kind to Hannah, not yell at me and do all these awful things like eat her food and pick up her toys. It took her almost the whole time we were in Alabama (6 weeks) to earn it. She has loved it for almost a year now and the beautiful shiny tail was ripping and hanging on by a thread. 
So, since I was making hooded towels for baby gifts, I thought I would try to sew this tail back on. Success!
I feel so accomplished.

If you ever feel like I don't love you, I hope you look at this picture and know that I do.


Kandice said...

Good job steph! The toys kids love!

Amber said...

My daughter knows to go great to her father for all her sewing needs.

Congrats to you!