Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kenzie's Soccer Season

This year, Mike and I joined the leagues of soccer parents as we spent our Tues. and Thursday evenings yelling from the sidelines and laughing hysterically as little girls converged on the ball like seagulls on a piece of bread, or ran fruitlessly up and down the field, trailing the one girl that was coordinated enough to be kicking the ball. Parents are still relatively good natured and non-competitive at this stage, so there were no sideline fights. :) Although I did sense frustration from some of the dads.

Kenzie got to run a lot, now has a nifty purple shirt and soccer socks, and said she "really, really wanted to score a goal." Her favorite story of the season was, "Mom, remember when I was almost at the goal and I was ready to score and my shoe fell off?" 

Her coaches were great and we had a great time hanging out with Josh and Sherrie and my mom on the sidelines (Kandelyn played on the same team)

Kenzie even got a medal with her name on it, which prompted Hannah to want a medal. I told her if she got dressed all by herself we would give her one. She did it and she's very proud of her medal as well.


Alisha said...

Is soccer season already over?! That seemed to go by fast. She's looks cute in her soccer gear, and looks like she's having a lot of fun!

Marly said...

No way, Phil and Val were your daughters coaches?! What a small world. She was my young women's leader. I love Val :)