Thursday, May 20, 2010

Preschool Co-op

Kenzie and I have had a great time this year doing a preschool co-op with five other moms and their kids. At the beginning of the year we sat down and figured out a schedule and themes and letters we wanted to teach and then each of us taught every fifth week.

Kenzie is ready for kindergarten, she met some new friends, and she got to experience different teaching and discipline styles. I got to make some new friends, felt like I was making a difference in Kenzie's life, and got to develop some new skills during my preparation for teaching the classes.

Some of my favorite times with the kids were making hot cross buns, playing "man on the moon" with a large refrigerator box and sponges for moon shoes, and having a balloon Olympics. Kenzie said her favorite thing was making a grass caterpillar at Jennifer's house. It was a great experience for us both and I plan to try and do it with my other kids as well.

Happy Graduation Kenzie!

Handing Kenzie her graduation certificate and asking her to share a talent with us (she chose snapping and whistling).

Hooray, throw your hats!

Each kid brought a unique and fun personality to the school. I really enjoyed being a part of it and getting to know them.

Here we are, the awesome moms who did this: me, Jodi, Trisha, Jennifer, Jessica and Sherrie


Alisha said...

Fun times! That looks and sounds like it was quite the success! Good job Steph, now go have a baby.

Lara said...

I just clicked over from your post on MMB and came across this post. I just finished up my 10th year in a row of participating in a ward co-op preschool (between my 5 kids) and just taught my last lesson yesterday. I have mixed feelings about being done, but I will never regret the efforts it took to make it a great experience. It really is an amazing way to do preschool!

PS I love your description of getting into bed with your pregnant belly. :)