Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I'm late, I'm late, I'm late for a very important date!
T-I'm thankful for turkey, leftover turkey to be specific. Leftover turkey on rolls is heaven.
H-Hannah. I would like to write something sweet about Hannah and her loveliness, but she is at a stage where I love her best asleep. I'm thankful for her though. I love her mischievous half smile and the way she yells, "Hewooo?" into the house when we walk in the door.
A-Applesauce, homemade. Kenzie subsists on applesauce. I love that I made it.
N-Nouns. Where would we be without nouns? Up a gosh darn over, that's where we'd be.
K-Kenzie. Oh my gosh this little girl cracks me up. She loves talking to me and talking and talking and talking and she loves singing and dancing and making friends with random people, like the carpet layer and the cashier at the store. I'll always remember the moment I first held her and the world that I once knew crashed down around me and dazzled up brilliantly, reflecting the fact that I was a mother. I love her.
F-Forks. Actually, if I had to choose a utensil I would choose a spoon. It's more versatile. But there are no "S's in Thankful, so forks get to be thanked for their ability to stab meat. Good job forks.
U-Underwear. Oh, how I miss you regular cotton briefs in pretty patterns.
L-Love and life. I love how many wonderful and beautiful things there are in this life. Of course, this list wouldn't be complete without my one true love, Mike. I'm so thankful for the balance and kindness he brings into my life. He's better than leftover turkey and nouns.
We had a great Thanksgiving at my mom's house this year. My aunts and cousins came (minus Aunt Susan, Uncle Brian and their posse due to strep throat), and all I had to do was peel some potatoes and set up tables.
We had a wonderful meal, Kenzie fell in love with cranberries and Hannah ate the marshmallows on top of the yams, but wouldn't eat the yams.

After dinner I pretended to help clean up, but ditched out when my cousins began playing soccer. Kenzie wanted to play as long as she didn't have to run. I'm beginning to sense quite a few lazy bones in her body.
Soccer is so much fun! That was the first time I've ever played. My cousin Stetson has mad skills, but I once kicked the ball away from him (He's like 12 or something), but only for a minute.
Anyway, then we ate pie and laid around playing "Fat Dog," a time honored family tradition.
Yes, my mom made 10 pies. She really is the patron saint of pies. They are all deliciously awesome too. We always try to convince her to stop delivering mail and start a pie shop, but she seems to think that slaving away over a hot stove for money would take the joy out of pie making. Go figure.

Fat Dog at it's finest.

mmmm, whipping cream.

Soccer totally rocked. I've found a new love.


Kristina P. said...

OK, I am insane. I've had Twilight on the brain so much today, that when you said Forks, I thought you were talking about Forks, Washington. Please just ignore me.

Trevor and Liz Covington said...

wow, i am still in awe about the 10 pies.. and Hannah and Bennett should hang out, I think they are in the same stage!! =)

Emily and Kyle said...

I loved your thankful list!

Anonymous said...

Love that Fat Dog game. I wish I could play it everyday. You have turned into an applesauce fan, I can tell. Your house looks great! Hope we can see it this month.
Love you guys. G-ma B

Amber said...

What a great list but I'm reeling that you have never played soccer before. It was my great love/obsession as a kid!