Monday, December 22, 2008

The Grinch, Mike's a Master, and other sundry excitements

That's how I feel after a week of perfect points in my chocolate challenge-- Grinchy. I did it though. Yeah. See me waving one of those little pennants in excitement.
I liked the fact that I exercised everyday, but I did not like the deprivation. There is no joy in exercise if you can't eat what you want as a reward. It's half of the reason I exercise. The other half is those stupid 7 pairs of pants that sit neglected in my drawer, because I can zip them up but I can't breathe when they are zipped up.
So how was your week?
Here's some highlights of our excitement and confusion:
Happy Last Final to Mike! We are so proud of you! Now that he has his Master's degree in Electrical Engineering, Mike is now even better at dismantling things like our alarm clock and making them even better than before. As soon as he finished his final he started rebuilding a computer, turning down the overpowering glow of our alarm clock (which lit up half the house in green light it was so bright), and planning for Xbox mods and other such things that give engineers joy. I will miss the romantic green glare that the clock gave us each night, but now I will be able to sleep without waking up fearing that I am part of some strange alien abduction by alarm clock.

A few choice quotes from Mike this past year, "Steph, I don't understand how an x-y axis doesn't give you all the information you need to understand what I'm telling you." (After I told him I needed concrete examples) or "It's all a matter of trajectory," while we were stringing popcorn for the tree and I pricked my finger. I wish I could think of a few more, because he says awesome engineering things all the time. Now I'm going to have to go and get a degree in Physics or something just so I can understand him.
My favorite pics from this month:

Merry Christmas everyone!


Kristina P. said...

They look so cute!

And can't you have like a piece of dark chocolate a day? That's what Oprah does. So of course, you should too.

Matt and Cris P. said...

11 points. Not perfect, but my best so far!

Hollie said...

Love all the cute pics of your girls. Addi has the same dress as Hannah. We should totally dress them alike for the family party. Just kidding, but maybe you and Jen should. Remember when you guys did that? But I guess that's a birthday thing.

Em Russ said...

too bad Johnny (who almost... oh so close... has his Masters in EE) and Mike can't get together sometimes. I'm sure they speak the same language (one that I definitely do not speak!) I can just hear Mike saying those things though and it makes me miss him. (and then I think about him sneaking out of German and crawling out of the door to come and talk to us and make us laugh... ok I guess you had to be there but it makes me laugh every time I think of it!) And, have I ever mentioned that I have always thought you were the PERFECT girl for Mike? I think you are! Merry Christmas to your whole cute little fam!!