Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday, Monday

Last week I earned 2 points. Yes you read that right, 2. I had to sample the neighbor's treats. And then I had to eat some pie, and then I had to have some homemade chocolates, and then there was some caramel popcorn, and then I forget.
Thus begins the last week of the Chocolate Challenge. So after that, I'll try to go out with a bang with one more perfect week. One more week, and then I'll have to think of something else to trick myself into eating well and exercising.
Good job to those of you that have endured to the end, and good luck in this final week. I'm still pondering really hard about the prize.


Matt and Cris P. said...

I had 7 points and 5 of those were for working out, so I ate plenty of sweets myself. Tis the Season!

Kristina P. said...

I am so glad I am not participating in this point thing. I would be so depressed with my weekly negative points score.

Natalie said...

5 points...really I should just stop now.

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Great post! Come see the pictures I just posted on my blog :) Happy New Year 2009! ♥ Hugs :) Shauna

Dan and Tori said...

Hey, I wanted to get you the address of the shower on Saturday. It is 2118 S 700 W in Syracuse. Hope to see you there Stephanie!

Hollyween said...

You don't want to know how behind I've been on your blog. Yours and everyone else's. Ah, the Christmas season. It will do that to you.

So, I have a few comments and they are definitely NOT in order of how you posted them, but really... does it matter?:

Congratulations on your chocolate challenge. I COULD NOT DO IT. COULDN'T, I tell you.

Kudos for cutting out Christmas cards. We spent a buttload on Christmas cards this year. 40 bucks for 100 stamps and 40 bucks for developing 100 cards. Ugh. Just think of the money you saved!

I like 'meh' as a word. I think I'll be using it a lot now thanks to you.

We got new carpet too (as you know) and isn't it wonderful? Don't you feel like your life is somehow better after new carpet and paint? At least, momentarily? I also love your new entry way floor.

I love all the Christmas pics of your kids. So darling. You really have darling, darling girls, Steph.

Congratulations on the writing honorable mention. I suck in that department. Because people who write well don't have to use the word 'suck'.

I had a Sinus infection just like Hannah. Go figure. Oh, and they SUCK! See? More writing and commenting genius from yours truly.

I had to call poison control twice too for Faith. I think it must be a girl thing. Do you know what she was sucking on yesterday? She was dipping her fingers in the water that accumulates at the bottom of the toilet brush container. And then she was sticking those fingers in her MOUTH! YUCK!!!!!! And one more: I was cleaning the jets with a toothbrush in our tub. The jets were covered in orange scum. I turned my head and Faith put the toothbrush in her MOUTH! YUCK!!!!!

So, you are NOT alone.

And that is all. I'll try to do better on my commenting. It's my New Years Resolution as of this moment.