Thursday, October 9, 2008

Go to bed... go directly to bed

So I have a cold, and I tend to get really depressed and grumpy when I can't breathe through my nose and my lips are dry, and I cough a lot, and my nostrils are red from all that stupid wiping. So here's my solution: Take some Benadryl and go to bed. But before I implement this solution, I thought I would try to cheer myself up with some happy thoughts, and keep my mind off the dismal state of affairs in the presidential election and economy:

Hannah is so stinkin' cute! She tries so very hard to act just like Kenzie. Last night I went in to give the girls a kiss and a hug, and I picked Hannah up and gave her a hug and kiss and she laid right back down. Then I had a little conversation with Kenzie and gave her a kiss. Then Hannah sat up in her crib and said, " Mommy, bllelj ahbje kieep," in a very serious voice and laid back down. She just wanted to tell me her side of the story.
Hannah tries very hard to do exactly as Kenzie does. If Kenzie sits down, Hannah sits down, if Kenzie dances, Hannah will dance, if Kenzie pushes a chair over to the sink, Hannah pushes a chair over the sink. She is a total copy cat, and I love it!
Another thing Hannah tries to do is speak in complete sentences. She knows quite a few words, but she tries to repeat exactly what Kenzie says. She gets super mad when I don't understand, which is pretty much all the time. "I want some," and "My turn" are her two phrases right now.

Kenzie is a really good big sister. Today Hannah gifted her with her first volunatry hug. Kenzie was sitting on a box of diapers, "singing a beautiful song" (she said), when Hannah just walked up and gave her a big hug. Later today, Kenzie said she had a new baby named Hannah, (not Hannah-Banana, just Hannah), and her dolly loved to have her "hug it so tight and give it kisses." The real Hannah usually does not enjoy Kenzie's hugs (probably because she always ends up on the floor after the "loving" squeezes and "grab-around-the-neck" kisses).

Another thing about Kenzie that makes me smile is her tender heart. The following story makes me laugh, but it also makes me shake my head because I am in for it. Those teenage years are going to be some trouble. This is partially my fault for introducing the Disney princess culture to my daughter. They are so stupid. I always feel like adding my own comments to the movie, such as "You know Kenzie, it takes a lot more than just a meeting in the forest to fall in love." or "A princess isn't a very fun thing to be. Really, wouldn't you rather save people's lives or build big buildings?" or "She's not a very nice girl. Shouldn't she listen to what her parents say, and not try to become a human?" or "Waiting around to be rescued is not really a good thing to do, Kenzie. She should jump up and defeat the dragon herself." But I digress.

Kenzie watched Sleeping Beauty at my mom's house the other day. It is kind of a scary movie, so my mom sat down and watched it with her. During the scary dragon part, my mom said, "Don't worry Kenzie. They'll be okay. The prince will kill the dragon." She just nodded, keeping her eyes on the movie. Then when the prince kisses the princess and they all live happily ever after, my mom looked over to see tears streaming down Kenzie's face. "Are you okay Kenzie?"
"I'm just sooo happy. Soo happy," said Kenzie. Oh dear. She gets this drama from Mike, you know. Since I am not dramatic at all. And I never cry at sappy moments in movies or commercials or while reciting tender stories. I am tough as nails.
Well, that's about it. I'm going to bed now. Please let me wake up with a nose that knows how to breathe. Please.


Mike said...

Whatever about the drama! My favorite thing to do is look over at Steph during some sappy part of a movie and see if she is crying. If she is, she usually tries to hide it by not looking at me and I say "baaaby, don't cry, it's not real".

Anonymous said...

Mike, don't look at her and for heavens sake don't talk to her. It will make her sinuses' plug up and hurt. I know this for a fact. She has inherited the problem of having her bladder too close to her eyes. It's not her fault. :0) G-ma B

ROBYN -N- KEVIN said...

Steph- we missed you last night! And I am tough as nails that have been corroded and rusted when it comes to sappy movies, or commercials, or love songs, or stories or ah snap just about anything. Get well soon!