Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mike's Sixth Sense

Mike has never claimed to have supernatural powers--except those ones that come with getting a degree in engineering like "Talking so No One Can Understand You," and "Modifying Electronics to do Things they Weren't Meant to Do." But after a couple of experiences, I am beginning to believe that Mike has a real super power--the ability to be prepared and listen to promptings.
My first inkling of this super ability occurred when we planned a three hour hiking trip to the San Rafael Swell in June of 2007. It was going to be a short day trip--leave in the wee small hours of the morning and come back late that night. The hike would involve some bouldering, which would take about an hour, a 60 foot rappel into the river bottom and then we would hike/float the river for two hours to a car parked at the end.
My packing for the trip included stuffing 4-5 granola bars and some fruit snacks into my camelback pack. Three hours, no camping? The only necessities were food and water.
Mike asked me if he should bring his overnight backpacking pack. I snorted derisively. What the heck for? It's not like we would be wandering around in the desert in the middle of nowhere for hours on end. He opted for his large camelback instead and then proceeded to pack his headlamp, a large first aid kit with two extra emergency blankets, our purifying water pump and extra shirts for both of us.
Sometimes I am so full of wisdom and knowledge, I just can't stop myself from sharing. My wise comments to Mike included, "You're not going to need a headlamp. It's not like we're camping." and "This is all about speed and light packing--why are you bringing those extra blankets?" and "You're only bringing the pump because we haven't got to use it yet. No way that's going to come in handy. You're just adding ballast to your pack."
Mike is such a good husband. He totally ignored me.
When our three hour hike turned into a twelve hour ordeal that none of our group of 14 was prepared for, guess who saved the day? Yes, yes, it was me. My granola bars filled our packs with clean drinkable water, warmed us up from the wet river, and lit the way as we searched in the pitch desert darkness for our vehicle.
I felt very humble that night, and awed. Mike was a superhero (as was Trevor, the one other prepared soul on our trip).

This weekend, my hunch was confirmed. As we walked out the door for the trip to St. George, Mike grabbed his channel locks and bike grease. I didn't know this, or I probably would have snorted, slow learner that I am. The trip went fine. There were no three-hour-turned-12-hour-wander-around-lost-in-the-dark hikes and we had a good time (see below). On the way home, we drove by Blake, Lori and their three kids pulled off to the side of the road (in the middle of nowhere). They're the family we shared a house with.
As we flew by, we said, "Oh. That's Blake and Lori. Should we go back?" And so we took the next exit and headed back to see if we could help. They had a flat tire on their boat trailer and the lug nuts were so rusty that they wouldn't go back on without the bike grease, and Mike used the channel locks to bend back a warped piece of metal that was brushing against the tire.
AMAZING! I'm not very good at expressing spiritual things, but I was really touched by this experience. Mike is a great example and well, ahem.


Kristina P. said...

I've had experiences like these, and sometimes, you may never know why, and other times, you know exactly why.

Em Russ said...

what a sweet post. I always loved that side of Mike. I remember times in High School (or junior high...) when Mike was tuned into things. What a great guy you've got there Steph (and I'd say he did pretty well too!!) :)

The King Family said...

Mark does that too!! And it's not fair because I'm the righteous one!!

Just one of the Boys said...

Mike is very inspired! I wish ONE of us was. We usually just wait for diaster to strike then call one of our parents to bail us out. What a neat couple you guys make.

Hollyween said...

He really is amazing. That's such a neat story. I think I've only met him once. At your wedding. Pathetic, I am. I love it when husbands surprise us with their brilliance.

Oh, and did you get my two e-mails? I only ask not to be annoying but Bette hasn't been getting mine so I'm wondering if something is wrong with my e-mail?

My applesauce jars make me smile. You're the bomb.

Trevor said...

You are right. Mike is cool and so are you. I don't know anyone else who would go on that kind of trip with us. It really was an inspiring trip for me too. I can't imagine going on a trip with you guys and not being 100X more excited because you were there. In fact I wish we were on some type of dangerous trip right now.

Amber said...

Amazing is right and what a great story. And I LOVE the Swell. We did a lot of great trips through there and now I'm itching to go back!


I ignore promptings because I'm in the Spiritually Stunted class. :(

My man Papi, though, has done some wondrous things by listening to promptings. That Priesthood Power thing really works!