Sunday, October 12, 2008


We have a foot of snow. Seriously, and I don't really have anything clever to say, except, 'Wow! We got a lot of snow.' So in lieu of writing clever and funny things, I thought I would write a little story for your enjoyment. And since we're obsessed with princesses around here, of course the story starts out with two beautiful princesses.

Once upon a time there were two princesses who only dressed in the latest fashions. Since they ruled the fashion world, their subjects were only allowed to wear what they wore. (Thank goodness, I am finally in fashion.)

One day it snowed and snowed and snowed in the princesses' land. Since it had been warm and sunny a week before the princesses were confused. What happened to Fall?

So they dressed in their finest snow clothes and set out to find the snow witch, to ask her why she sent the snow so early.

They were only a little discouraged when snow got on their arms because their coats were too small. The blonde princess, "Princess Ki" couldn't walk through the gigantic mounds of snow, but she could swim. So that's what she did.

Finally after an uphill journey, with wolves chasing at their heels, through a dark and stormy night, the princesses met with the snow witch (center) and asked her why she sent the snow. She said she just felt like mixing things up a bit, causing some flooding and destroying neighborhood trees. Because it is fun to confuse people. "Oh," said Princess Ki. "Actually, I like the snow." "Blabble," said Princess Hannah of the brown hair. "Mmmm." And she ate some snow that wasn't yellow.

The princesses returned to their always clean and neat castle (because their maid was such a good maid who never allowed toys on the floor or left clothes on the couch). And all was happy in the land. But soon thereafter they were attacked by a pink-bandana-d pirate. The pink pirate swept them away to bed, where they were imprisoned against their will.
But they still lived happily ever after.
The End


*MARY* said...

Holy cow!
We woke up to a few little patches here and there and the kids were so excited. I can't wait till we get some serious stuff like yours.

Em Russ said...

wow! It was summerish outside here in Boston yesterday! I have to confess that I'm glad I'm not covered in snow (yet!) And I know I need to come up with something original to say in my comments, but I LOVE your blog. Thanks for always making me laugh.

Debbi said...

wowzers is right! Wade's parents called to tell us about all the snow, crazy! We got some on the moutains here, but they never melt all the way here either. That is a lot of snow for October!

Just one of the Boys said...

You are so creative! And, I don't think your a witch. I'm so glad you teach them not to eat the Yellow snow though.

kristi lou said...

wow! so much for global warming! :)

The Scholer's said...

I can't believe all the snow you got. Cute blog, I'm excited to keep in touch.

Kristina P. said...

I'm hear to show you the comment love! Your girls are adorable, as are you!

I am adding you to my Reader and blog roll, my new blog friend. Maybe I can make your exclusive blog list.

As my button says, I am an excellent comment whore.

Lorette, Caleb and Valerie said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! You have snow and I have beautiful, sunny days in the 80's