Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mish Mash Tag

I was tagged by two people (at least I think I was, but perhaps there is another Stephanie they tagged and I'm just flattering myself.) So instead of two tag posts, I thought I would combine the tags and make one big mess of it.
...LUCKY NUMBER 7.... And the random picture tag....7 THINGS I CAN DO...
1) I can count to three, and put the fear of punishment into my children by the time I am at "three"
2) I can wipe bums and not throw up. (I wipe throw up too, I was just trying to say that I don't throw up while I wipe bums)
3) I can dance (that modern-dance kind where it doesn't really matter where you move or your flexibility, it just has to be somewhat weird and have some sort of theme like, "the peace I found while in the bathroom last night.") Just kidding. I took a modern dance class once in college, and I failed. It is hard and I really do love it, even if I make fun of it and can't do it.
4) I can waste a lot of time blogging.
5) I can boss people around really well. I'm just a bossy cow.
6) I can run. Kind of fast. Last week, I was invited to run with some ladies in my ward. . . Until they asked how fast I ran my last 5K. (20:52. Yes, old track friends I know this is not that fast, but it impressed them enough to uninvite me. I was motivated by the $50 prize. And I was NOT going to let that itsy bitsy teeny weeny high school girl beat me)
7) I can punctuate my sentences correctly and I can spell. When I want too. Oh yeah, I can beat most people in Scrabble, most of the time. Bring it on!

1) I can't whistle. One summer in college I had two goals: Learn to bridge cards when shuffling, and learn to whistle. I had high ambitions. I learned how to bridge cards, but that whistling thing still eludes me.
2) I can't get Mckenzie to wear color coordinated clothes. Part of the problem is that my knowledge of fashion includes "Levis go with everything," and, well, I was trying to think of something else I know about fashion, but that's it.
3) I can't fit into my freaking pre-Hannah levis (the ones that go with everything). I don't have some sort of fat complex (I have plenty of other complexes, including a new one since I watched the photographer photoshop my picture), but I am cheap and I hate the idea of buying new pants when I have 5 perfectly good pairs wasting away in my drawer. But I'm not desperate enough to cram myself into them (for more than an hour at least).
4) I can't decide who to vote for. I think they both suck. Royally. And they lie. Abhorently.
5) I can't stop reading a book once I start it, even if I hate it. Really, I read Wicked all the way through and I thought it was the most perverse and stupid book I had ever read. What is my problem?
6) I can't stop blogging and obsessing about blogging. And hoping that someday my blog will magically transform into a million dollar making machine. Well, I could stop obsessing, but then what fun would that be?
7) I can't convince myself that I should clean my house during naptime. I think about it. I look at the messes on the kitchen floor and in the front room, and I do something else.

...7 THINGS I LOVE ABOUT KEVIN... Well, Robyn this one will be hard, because I don't know Kevin that well. :)
So, 7 Things I love about Mike
1) I love that he laughs at me (in a nice way, when I am trying to be funny)
2) I love that he tries to read everything that I write, even really boring newspaper stories about West Haven.
3) I love that he plays with Kenzie and Hannah in such an exuberant way
4) I love that he runs with me (sometimes) and when he's not in school is totally into the whole fitness thing.
5) I love that when I go places with him, everyone loves him and tries to do things for him. At our last family party on my side, two people brought dishes especially for him because they thought he would like it. Seriously.
6) I love that he is such an engineering smart man.
7) I love that he is so easy going and so nice and did I mention he is good-looking?

...7 THINGS THAT I SAY MOST OFTEN... (some are not out loud, just to myself, since I spend a lot of time with small children)
1) Right now! I'm going to give you to the count of three. One. . . Two. . . Thr---
2) Wait til we get home. Can you just wait til we get home?
3) Mmmhmmm (when someone tries to talk to me while I am blogging/reading.)
4) I don't know. I just don't know.
5) Oh h*&% (but quietly so no one can hear, and now that I've finished my piano, not so much)
6) Chocolate. Must have chocolate.
7) No. Uhn-uh.

...7 CELEBRITY ADMIRATIONS... My opinion of celebrities is not high. Although, I was once in love with those trashy celebrity magazines and I still surreptiously try to read their headlines while I wait in line at the grocery store. So I don't really admire them. I think I'll just pretend that one said, "7 Blogger Admirations" Wait, now that I've started thinking about this list, then I'm going to just have to list people I don't know "in real life" because everyone that I know, I like their blog and enjoy reading it. This list is shorter than 7. Sorry. That's probably unlucky or something.
1)Crazy Bloggin Canuck
2)The Smiling Infidel
3)Mary had a little glob
4)Navel Gazing at it's finest

1) Chocolate
2) My mom's pies
3) Chocolate
4) Cheesecake that involves chocolate
5) Caramel, surrounded by choclate
6) Marshmallow encased in chocolate
7) Peanut butter, filled with chocolate chips (it's a cheap alternative to Reeses)

And now for your entertainment, I present the random photo tag. Here's how it works: go into your picture file, choose 4th file, open it, choose 4th picture, post it and explain it, tag 4 people.
So, since this other tag is all about sevens, I'm changing this tag to the 7th file, choose seventh picture and tag seven people.
Little people dressed in green hats? I found some leprechauns! This is at our St. Patrick's day Joy school party last year.

1) Katie
2) Val
3) Robynn (not the same one that tagged me)
4) Natalie
5) Melisa
6) Mike (I'll fill it out for him!)
7) Alisha (because she has so much time on her hands after her new baby! HAHAHAHA)


Kristina P. said...

We have so many things in common! I also don't know who I'm voting for.

kristi lou said...

I hear you loud and clear on the voting thing! YIKES! We are in for it friends!

Anonymous said...

Well, I know who I am voting for and I'm not going to tell you. I will say that he isn't going to give away our hard earned money to the lazy neighbor down the block.
By chance, Stephanie, do you like chocolate? :-)
Love your blog and you. G-ma Bette

*MARY* said...

Joy school! I remember dong that as a kid,do they still sing the gunny bag song? I wish I knew people in real life so I could start a joy school with them.

Stephanie and Co. said...

Mary- Gunny bag is soooo still there. I use it all the time to threaten my poor children's too many toys.

Hollie said...

Your posts make me laugh. But I admit, your knowledge of punctuation and spelling really make me think twice before posting a comment to your blog. But not think long enough to actually spell check or look any thing up.
I also don't know who I'm voting for. I'd like to vote early, but it puts me under all this pressure to decide who would best represent my beliefs, be the best leader of the free world and so on. Sigh. So I've decided to wait until election day. I'll have plenty to time to think while I stand in line.

Kandice said...

Steph, I am so glad I found you too. And maybe I am having second thoughts about running a race with you . . . at least we can register together. It took me 2:00:59 to run the half marathon. I am slow!!!! I guess I will see you at the start and finish line!
your kids are so cute, and mike must not be very dominant! Your girls are so blonde!

Shauna said...

Love the picture! How cute :)

Natalie said...

I agree with the having to read a book thing. Why do we do it?!? I also read Wicked and hated it! I would never recommend it to anyone. It did explain the clock backdrop in the musical...but that's about the only thing it was good for.