Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Quirks and Quarks

I've spent most of my brain time (yes, brain time is limited around here) this week trying to figure out what my unspectacular quirks are, just for this tag from my cousin Hollie. Mostly I just wanted to make things up or reveal bad habits, like picking my nose. Just kidding. I never pick my nose. Ever.

Rules: Link the person that tagged you. Mention these rules on your blog. Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yourself and tag 6 fellow bloggers. Got it? Let's go!

Quirk #1: I secretly don't believe in science. Seriously what's with all this stuff about "Yes, the speed of the feather is the same as a bowling ball if they are dropped in a vacuum," or "A rolling ball will never stop if its in a vacuum." A vacuum? The only kinds of vacuums I know of that occur naturally are Hoovers and Kirbys. And those don't even occur very naturally around our house. Science is a crock. (Disclaimer: In case I am ever tapped for some government position in NASA I will deny ever having written this)

Quirk #2: I despise changing my clothes. It's just so inconvenient and laundry-causing. This is a problem now that I have children that wipe their nose and thier sticky hands on me. (They are sticky from fruit juice. Becuase I don't feed them candy. Ever.) Even changing from workout clothes to regular clothes after running sometimes seems to much to ask. (But I do. I change them because otherwise yucky things would happen)

Quirk #3: I am super competitive. This is why Heavenly Father gave me no hand-eye coordination. He knew that if I had any skills with ball, I would not use my powers for good. I think I have cried angry tears of frustration over losing a game of Scrabble. I will probably be the jerk parent who always beats their children in 'Go Fish!' because I CAN'T LOSE. AT ANY COST. I've calmed down a little since college. Actually, I just hide it better.

Quirk #4: I cannot leave a bag of chocolate anything alone. I will eat them all. No matter the cost. M&Ms, chocolate chips, Snickers, Reeses peanut butter cups, Cadbury mini eggs. Halloween is a bad time for me. As long as the bag is closed it is safe in my cupboard. As soon as I open it, I just figure, "Why not eat them all, RIGHT NOW." This is partially why I have to run and probably why I can't lose my last 5 baby pounds. And why I sometimes get lots of zits. And why I visit a therapist. Just kidding about the therapist.

Quirk#5: I have a lot of conspiracy theories that probably make me seem crazy. That's why I keep them to myself. Mostly. Sometimes I tell Mike and he probably freaks out in his head about the weirdo he married, but has to shake his head and pretend I am normal because he's in it for ETERNITY.

Quirk #6: I haven't worn nylons for 10 years, and I refuse to wear nylons. EVER AGAIN. I don't buy that crap about them keeping your legs warm in the winter. The filmsy disgusting smashing things don't do anything but make fat look tanner. And you can tell it's fake. I hate them.

Okay I tag Alisha, Jared, Val, Kellie, Holly, and Natalie


Em Russ said...

ahhh, thanks for the morning laugh! You crack me up. (have I said that before... oh, every comment...) I'm totally there with you on the chocolate. I bought a bag of M&M's at COSTCO the other day (to make trail mix, I swear...) let's just say they've been seriously comprimised!

Dustin and Alisha said...

You are strange... haha! I like your tags, did you do it the way that I told you to? I hope I helped a little at least, but I think they look fabulous!

Hollyween said...

I will definitely do this tag thing. Especially because I've been tagged twice now. I love your quirks. I also have a really hard time getting out of workout clothes. What is my problem? Why do I want to sit in my sweaty, stinky, workout clothes all day?