Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Softball Champs! (almost)

One thing that overwhelmed me when I met Mike's family (besides their awesome nunchuck skills) was the fact that he has a gazillion cousins, aunts and uncles. His Grandma Folks has eleven kids, and Mike's dad Reid is fifth of eleven (I only know this because at the family reunion this year they gave us shirts that had birth order printed on the sleeves, which I just looked at)

The amazing thing about his family is that they get along--- Enough to want to play softball together. Since we've been married Mike has played on the cousin's/brother's softball team, LJC, off and on, and this year he played every game and they won second place in the O-town 4th Street Park Fall Softball League. (See what happens when Mike is on your team? I'm glad Mike is on my team. Now I can win large golden trophies.)

The LJC team, named after Mike's Grandpa (Lionel Joseph Chambers) has quite the history. They started playing in 1974ish, and have had something of a team ever since. Some of the brothers still play, but now it is mostly cousins. What great guys!

We had a fun time watching Mike play every Wednesday, sharing treats and playing with second cousins, and viewing the freshly painted gang signs on the sidewalks in the park. Mike was really into it-- he asked me everyday if I wanted to go to the batting cages ("Of course," I said. Who doesn't want to go hit at hard objects flying toward your face?), and he was, for four of the six games, tied for the lead with the best batting average on the team.

Insert Reminiscence here: Ahh good ole softball. Mike and I played on a co-ed softball team together the first summer we met. The first time we were introduced, Mike Hale said, "Hey this is Stephanie. She's our softball team manager."
Feeling brilliant because it was dark, I said, "Yes. You can call me "Oh Omnipotent One." I still retain that title.
Mike counts the day we exchanged money for the team as our first date. ("I dressed up. We met. There was money exchanged." Whatever.) I still remember that Mike wore awesome grey baseball pants for our first game. He has great legs. Despite his baseball pants and great legs, our team lost every game. It was because I stink at softball. I love it, but really, I think I got on base once, and caught the ball once, by accident, that summer. But we were in love. We could round other bases. Anyway. . .

Good job Mike and LJC! We're excited for spring ball!

P.S. I might have stolen that nunchucks line from another blog. I hope not. Sorry if I did.


Em Russ said...

Awwww, I remember that little Mike! He looks so much like Scotty used to. (That's what Scott still looks like in my mind... when I move away, everyone freezes at the age they were when I left.)
p.s. Totally cute picture at the top of your blog!

Just one of the Boys said...

Isn't Softball Romantic! I went faithfully to all of Sean's games while we were dating and first married.... needless to say I haven't been for a long time. That is fun that they all play together, and they all get along. I wonder what it would be like iff the Hansen cousins were to start a team? On second thought we might want to spare ourselves the embarrisment.

*MARY* said...

You're lucky. My husband loves soccer, have you ever noticed how BORING soccer is? I have.

kristi lou said...

that's awesome! Cassie and I used to sell concessions at the 4th street park in Ogden. Oh, fun.

El Jefe said...

Mike those baseball shorts are awesome.